Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Semifinals!

Hello, girls and boys!

We're narrowed down to three contestants.
Welcome my amazing semifinalists: Carrie (Cheekycazbo1), Manda (MandaMichalka) and Mangun (mangunmeetan)! To increase the difficulty, you will be given three tasks this week! Give your best, and you'll have the possibility of getting into the final!

But not only we as the judges will decide, it's your time to get active aswell! I will put up a voting in the sidebar where you can vote your personal winner. Our decision who will be in the final will be placed upon both the judges' opinions AND the voting. You are just allowed to vote once. Please don't make aggressive advertisements that others shall vote you, dear contestants. But it's ok if you write the link in your presentation.

Task 1: Runway Task
As a model, you'll be booked for runway shows where you have to know how to shine with your long legs& pretty faces! Therefore, your first task is to create a runway shoot. You will be starring at a runway show held by the finnish (mainly interior) designer Marimekko. He is well known for his brightly coloured fabrics.
To adverrtise his new interior collection, he has decided to deliever a haute couture runway show in a big hall next to his headquarter. The models shall wear unique clothes inspired by his prints.
The graphic has to show the pose at the end of the runway which should be fitting with the clothes.
Can you satisfy Marimekko?

Task 2: Cover Shooting
Guess what? The creative director of ELLE approached me. We will be flying to Copenhagen tomorrow because you'll be shooted there. They need a new covergirl! Show your natural sexyness, your female side and your elegance. You shall wear a short dress and jewellery, if you like statement jewellery.
The graphic shall to show you on the cover of ELLE, of course the magazine title, issue, date and important headlines have to be included. Just take a look at the last few magazines, to get inspired. And don't forget: our plane takes off tomorrow morning!

Task 3: Editorial Shoot
Connections are great, aren't they? I've asked Enrique badulescu to do an editorial shoot with you, girls. And he said yes - under one condition - he wants to shoot you with this background:
He allowed you to choose your own clothes and a wonderful makeup as long as it looks beautiful and fits the scenery. Your task is to create a graphic with this background, amatching pose, outfit&makeup.
Don't disappoint Enrique!

Good luck, girls!
Your deadline is Wednesday, the 26th June.
This is the semifinal and I do NOT want you to be late.
If you have any questions concerning the tasks, don't hesitate to comment and ask.

xoxo Cathérine


Carrie.Rose said...

I am so excited! The tasks sound great fun and i am determined to give it my all! Good luck to Mangun and Manda too :)x

Beth a.k.a. heyzadiva said...

Omg these are amazing tasks! Excited!

Manda said...

Omg, these tasks are amazing!!
Can't wait to start them!

Good Luck Carrie and Mangun!

Mangunmeetan said...

Cathy, could you give us some extra time, please? :o

Anonymous said...

This will be fun!! :)

Carrie.Rose said...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Mangunmeetan said...

:) x

Manda said...

Finally, here are my Semi Final entries. :)
I really spend much time with doing them!
Enjoy! x

Part 1 - Marimekko Runway:

- I was really trying to catch Marimekko's style and to perform it in the dress. It was pretty important to me to do a simple dress with unique prints on it.
I also spend much time doing a matching runway, haha. :p

Part 2 - The Cover Shoot:

- I hope some quotes doesn't sound too selfish, I was just trying to find some catchy headlines, sorry if so! :D

Part 3 - Editorial Shooting:

- When I was looking at this beautiful background I definitely wanted to set a statement with a colorful outfit and extravagant pose of my doll: standing in the middle, standing in the focus.
I also added a little Sailor hat to fulfill my scheme of Modern Sailor when I was viewing the background.

Love y'all!
Hope you like my entries. :)

I hope I'll get into the Finale!!! :O
*fingers crossed*

- Bye! x

Manda said...

Hello :)

I just wanted to ask if my tasks arrived you on monday, because the comment hasn't been published yet and already 4 days have past since I send them in. ^^

Pls answer me asap :)

Yours Manda