Sunday, 17 November 2013

MMM cycle 2 has started

Hello everyone,

this is just a small post because I wanted to tell you that MMM Cycle 2 started today!
MMM is a model competition owned by MandaMichalka and it's now celebrating the beginning of the 2nd Cycle. I can tell you that the competition is amazing and I look forward to seeing all the amazing entries as I am a judge myself.

Go, visit the blog here, apply as a Model or Judge:

Have a great day,

Sunday, 8 September 2013



The winner is yet to be chosen (patience, please) but I have good news for you:
I updated the media partners and prizes page. Some cool new prizes are aiting for the winner, for example an interview in SASSY Magazine or a model job in FAZE and Rolling Stone!

xoxo Cathy

Friday, 2 August 2013

You don't want to miss the party, do you?

Hey everybody, don't miss tonight's fab event: the finale of Manda's Model Mission (MMM)! The tinychat party starts at 18:30, the big finale at 20:00!

All of our three finalists are involved: Mangun and Carrie are finalists and Manda is the owner of the model contest!

New deadline

Due to summer holidays starting in some countries/counties, I'll give you more time.
The nex deadline is Friday, the 16th August.
Do your best, because not only the jury, but also a quite famous guest judge will take a look at your work!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Are you ready?!


The final tasks are here ar
and Cathérine's Model Academy is coming close to an end! :O
As excited as I am? Here we go!

Task 1: Desert Photoshoot 
We 'll be flying to El Aaiún in the middle of the Sahara Desert!
Africa is - as you'll experience - a fascinating continent. 
For this photoshoot, I want you to get rid of your smiling face.
With the vast spaces of the Sahara behind you, we want to see your vulnerable and sensitive side.
Show emotions with your pose and in your face.
The outfit should be either a long, flowing dress, skirt or wide pants (of course with a fitting top and accessories). High heels can be left in your bag for this shoot.

Task 2: Ad campaign
MyBoshi is a fashion brand that doesn't sell clothes but wool. With this wool, you can do your own beanie - in the colour(s) you like. The creative director of MyBoshi contacted me and he wants you to create an ad campaign for their beanies. Of course, the logo has to be on your ad, a "myboshi"-Beanie and a slogan.
The rest is up to you. Everything is allowed, as long as it attracts customers.

Task 3: Ready for Runway?
As if walking down the runway beautifully wasn't complicated enough, I want you to walk in a haute couture dress (or body) with a long, long train. The overall topic of the runway show shall be "Feel like a grecian goddess". Each one of you will represent one goddess. Mangun will transform into Aphrodite, Manda will show up as Artemis and Carrie will be gracing as Demeter.

I'm so excited to see your entries!
Since some of you have summer holidays, you have time to hand in your tasks until
Wednesday, August,  the 7th. As you have so much time, I want all of you to be punctual, I will NOT give you more time, if you don't hand in your tasks on time, you're out.


xoxo Cathy

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Results of the Semifinal


After months of searching for the perfect contestants, helping and judging, we found our top 3.
Mangun, Manda and Carrie, no matter what happens, you definitely deserve to be here and you can be proud of how you improved and what you achieved.

I asked you, the readers, who of those amazing three shall be the winner of this academy. Here's what they said:
Unfortunately, some readers thought it might be funny to vote several times. believe me, it isn't. For example, one person voted 4 times for Manda. I wasn't able to check all double votes before the poll closed down and afterwards it is impossible, so I can't use these results.

This means that the entries are even more important!
Before posting the results, I'd like to mention that I was a little bit disappointed by the non-existing punctuality of Manda and Mangun. This was your last chance! With tha being said, let's get to the results.

Runway Task inspired by Marimekko

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

This and that


I'm sorry to announce that i will have to keep you waiting a little more.
I've been on an internship forn the last two and a half weeks and it was a 254-hours job. I had little to no time for judging or informing other judges since I was either working, talking, sleeping or laughing! ^.~

I hope you forgive me <3

xoxo Cathérine