Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Results of the Semifinal


After months of searching for the perfect contestants, helping and judging, we found our top 3.
Mangun, Manda and Carrie, no matter what happens, you definitely deserve to be here and you can be proud of how you improved and what you achieved.

I asked you, the readers, who of those amazing three shall be the winner of this academy. Here's what they said:
Unfortunately, some readers thought it might be funny to vote several times. believe me, it isn't. For example, one person voted 4 times for Manda. I wasn't able to check all double votes before the poll closed down and afterwards it is impossible, so I can't use these results.

This means that the entries are even more important!
Before posting the results, I'd like to mention that I was a little bit disappointed by the non-existing punctuality of Manda and Mangun. This was your last chance! With tha being said, let's get to the results.

Runway Task inspired by Marimekko
Cathy: First of all, you shaded darker than usually which looks more realistic, thumps up for that. The background is very cool, aswell. You used the famous flower print of Marimekko, but the overall outfit looks too dark, concerning that the designer is known for his colourful prints. As always, my advice is: Go crazy! You possess the graphical skills to do so, so why hesitate? If you think that it's a little bit too extravagant, it's right.
Raul:  I like your Outfit you look really cute in it and I like your background and your pose is ok. But I don´t like your hair I think it looks a little bit boring. All in all its ok but nothing that say wow.
Joao:  The colors look nice! And you made a beautiful runway and background. I love the outfit also! I think you need to improve the skin shading and also the hair shading, because it's missing here the wow factor, something to capture my attention. But overall it's a nice entry!
LindseyFinally someone who got spot on in representing Marimekko! I love how much attention to detail you put into the blouse - I could imagine it'd taken some time to complete! - and I can even see visible improvement with every portion of this graphic. You really made this your own, which I admire. My one word of criticism would be the hair, as it looks rather stringy. Good job on this one, though!

Cathy: Wonderful pose! The dress looks flawless, both the colours and the print are attracting attention. Well done for that!  Other than that, the hand on the left looks like it was cut off 
and I would have prefered another haircut and another colour for the shoes. 
Another background in a better qualit would have been good, aswell. A good graphic, but it isn't "marimekko" enough for me.
Raul: I think this is one of your worst tasks in the whole competition! We are in the Semi Final I expected more from you… I think you look lost on the big runway and in this unfavorable Dress. I think the hair, shoes and the dress doesn´t fit really together and I hate the color of this Dress! 
All in all its ok but not worthy for the finale.
Joao: In my opinion you could do much better than this! It has bad resolution, ir's pixelated, I don't like the background/runway, there's not much creativity on the background, but beside that I think the dress is nice!, but I still think you could do much better!
Lindsey I'm honestly torn by this. In many ways, it resembles marimeeko, and then in other ways it doesn't. Aside from that, I'm in disbelief in how far you've came since the beginning! The shading is near perfection, and I honestly can't find many flaws - except for maybe the odd collarbone. That aside, congrats on making it to the semis!


Cathy: Your runway looks gorgeous! But I'm not too fond of the dress. You used the marimekko flower print, but the dress looks very messy, especially at the top - as if somebody had sewn a bra on the dress. Without that part, it would have looked better. You also changed your facial features which is an absolute no-go for a model (as you should know). Overall, you didn't convince me with this task.
Raul: )First of all your dress is so lovely and cute and so is the background. Your pose is also perfect but I don´t like your hair and your eye shadow.  I think it´s to gaudy. I also don´t like your mouth ( I prefer your normal one ) with this mouth your doll looks a little bit weird. But all in all very nice.
Joao:  I think you really satisfied Marimekko!! The runway and background are so beautiful!! The dress is also really beautiful! But there's just something a little bit wrong, compared to your other graphics your legs and your hair look a little bit odd. But the dress is really amazing and creative, and the whole picture is really beautiful!!
LindseyWhat an interesting way of combining marimekko's work with your own fun twist! I think the concept here was good, but whether you managed to pull it of or not, I don't know. To me, personally, this seems a tad rushed.

So who did best on this task?
Cathy: 1)Carrie 2)Mangun 3)Manda
Lindsey: 1)Carrie 2)Manda 3)Mangun
Joao&Raul: 1)Manda 2)Carrie 3)Mangun

It was very, very close, but Carrie(10 points) did best on this task, followed closely by Manda (9 points). Mangun came in third place (5 points). Congratulations!

Cover Shooting for ELLE
Cathy: Starting off with the positive: Your outfit is very elegant and fits ELLE. Besides, your dress shading is  good. Sadly, you didn't show that the shooting was in Copenhagen, you didn't even use any real background at all. The proportions of your head compared to your neck are strange, too.
Raul:  I was a little bit disappointed when I saw the black background it looks dark and boring. Your dress is ok but nothing special that says WOW. But I like your hair and pose. 
Joao:  It's too simple, and I think you should really work more on the doll, the shading is not very good, and you could do something that captured more attention. I also think the headlines looks really good!
LindseyCan I admit that I'm in love with this? I love the dark and gloomy vibe it gives, yet maintains the ELLEgance - LOL, see what I did there?. Everything but the theme is perfection. That said, you completely missed the theme given to you: Where's your medoll standing in the city center of Copenhagen? I'm missing that, and it's kind of saddening, to be honest.

Cathy: Lovely background! The outfit is feminine, but the colour combination looks strange and your haircut is too masculine for me. Cool pose nevertheless. Your shading is weker than usually - it seems as if your doll had no nails and the dress looks quite flat. Your decolleté is shaded very well nonetheless and I love how colourful your cover is. In summary, your task is good, but you could have done much better!
Raul: Thank God  this is MUCH better than Task a)! I love the background your Dress is perfect and so is your bracelet. The Pose fit perfect in the cover. The hair is perfect too (I wished I had them for my Doll in blonde). All in all I only can say perfect very well done.
Joao: The doll looks good, the dress also looks good, but then there are things that I think you really should take time to make them better, when I see these details you failed it took me to think that you didn't put much effort doing this one, those details ae for example: there's no nails on the doll's hands, the last "E" of ELLE is cuted, the headlines doesn't look good on there, the font of them are totaly wrong, wrong colors on the headlines. The thing I liked the most was the dress and its colors.
LindseyThis. Is. Perfection. Do I need to elaborate? Nope, I didn't think so.

Cathy: Amazing cover! Your shading is very good on this dress, much better than usual. The outfit looks very attractive and feminine yet elegant and it matches the colour scheme. The only thing that disturbes me is the dress on the arm on the right, it looks weird, and you could have made it more obvious that the shooting was in Copenhagen, but never mind. Overall, a great task!
Raul:  I really like your pose and dress! The color is perfect and so is your jewelry. (I love the way you hold the necklace ). Your Makeup is also perfect and so is the background. All in all very well done! Btw I really prefer this mouth.
Joao:  OMG! I love it! This is so ELLE, I love the choose of the colors for everything, everything matches, the doll looks great, the pose is really good, I tottaly love this dress and the necklace, the deadlines look awsome! I can really see that you put a lot of effort on your graphics and you give importance to the details and that's really good because the final result is awsome! I think this cover is really good and I would definitly buy this issue of ELLE! Congrats!
Lindsey:  *Whistles* Now that's some Elle covergirl material! A LOT better than the runway, may I add. I love the dress - perfection, really. It's relatively similar to the Copenhagen lifestyle - random story time: I went there two years ago *chuckles*... My one word of critique would to ease off the blurred shadows: For me, personally, I feel a little all over the place when looking at multiple techniques placed upon one graphic. Also, the drop shadow for the text wasn't necessary, but I understand that you like it - that of which has nothing wrong with it!

Whose entry for this task was the best?
Cathy&Joao: 1)Manda 2)Mangun 3)Carrie
Lindsey&Raul: 1)Mangun 2)Manda 3)Carrie

That loos like a tie! Both Manda and Mangun scored 10 points!
Carrie, you were the weakest this time with only 4 points.

Editorial Shoot at the Pier
Cathy: Whether intended or not, it seems as if your doll was saying goodbye. this matches with the sad, grey background very well. The colours of the outfit match very well and the red makes you stand out. Well done, but I would have liked to see an influence of the sea in your outfit.
Raul: Your Pose is very nice but I don´t like your Outfit it looks boring and not special ( I think the accessories are missing! ) and so looks your hair! I also think you look unreal in this picture since you don´t really fit in. All in all it's ok.
Joao:It is good but I'm pretty sure you could so much better! The clothes look nice and the pose also looks nice, you need to practcie the hair and skin shading a lot more, and add some highlights to the clothes shading. In all your entrys I think you were very simple and I think you should do something more creative, something to stand out from the others, and get out of your confort zone!
LindseyAnother completely different view on this background. I really like yours, especially the whole medoll-is-facing-backwards-but-tilting-towards-camera view. I'm just a bit irked that her face skin tone is different from the remaining body... Also, don't be afraid to add more definition to those jeans! Even if it's too dark, it's taking a risk! Go bold!

Cathy: My absolute favourite! The shading is close to perfection (don't forget the nails!), the haircut is amazing, just like the sailor outfit. I don't have any more to say!
Raul:  I love love love it. You look so cute in this Dress and your hair and pose are perfect and fit wonderful in this background. All in all a very good job. Btw your Doll reminds me on a sailor.
Joao:  I think this one is the best from your others tasks, the dress, the colors and the pose look great! And it fits with the background, but then there are aspects that you failed again, like the hands! They look really odd, and you could do better than that, and there are no nails! You need to give some importance to these details because they really matter and they make your graphic look better.
LindseyI think your pose works really well with the given background. I love the dress - can I have it? - and the skin shading is nearly flaw-free. I can't give you much to improve, since you're constantly surprising me with your incredible pieces of art!

Cathy: What happened here? Your pose looks very helpless and your outfit rather reminds me of a stewardess. The shading of the dress is nice and your hair has improved aswell. But overall, I'm sorry, but  I really don't like your graphic at all, it was an attempt to go for something different, but for me, it failed.
Raul: r Outfit is really amazing. I love the pattern from the jumpsuit and hat. Your Doll fit perfect in the background and I love your hair. But I think on the right side on your Hand there is something missing. But all in all good job.
Joao:Once again, you nailed it!! It's awsome! This is exactly what Enrique wanted, I'm sure! The pose is esplendid, the outfit is just amazing, oh and that hair!! The hair looks so good, and your face also looks awsome, it makes me want to standing there and looking at it! I really think you have an eye for this and you'll make it far in this fashion stardoll graphic industry! Once again, congrats!
LindseyWow, you're continually getting better with each task thrown at you! Those breasts are shaded gorgeously - OMG, did that just sound the way I thought it did? - and you took away the blurred drop shadows. The shoes are really messy - as well as the socks - but those can be easily fixed. Overall, I felt as if you gave a mediocre performance, but I still have absolute faith in your incredible graphics!

Who satisfied Enrique the most?
Cathy: 1)Mangun 2)Carrie 3)Manda
Raul: 1)Mangun 2)Manda 3)Carrie
Joao: 1)Manda 2)Carrie 3)Mangun
Lindsey: 1)Manda 2)Mangun 3)Carrie

Once again, Mangun and Manda have a tie with 9 points. Carrie (6 points) didn't convince us as much as the other two.

Congratulations to all of you three, each one of you performed best in at least one of the tasks!
But who managed to convince us the most that she will get a ticket for the finale?

Manda... You won two tasks together with Mangun and were able to show us your talents. In the overall rating, Lindsey, Raul and I saw you on the second place and Joao even thought you were the best! Congratulations, you're in the finale of Cathérine's Model Academy!

Who will be in the final alongside MandaMichalka? Is it Mangun or is it Carrie?
Mangun, there is no doubt that your graphic quality is close to perfection, but you still have problems with following the given tasks and working on the small details. That's why Joao thought that you were the weakest in the semifinal...
Carrie, you were the best in the Marimekko task, but in the other two tasks, you were weaker than the other two contestants. That's why Lindsey, Raul and I think that your tasks were good, but that the other two were better. Joao sees you on the second place.Was the step out of your comfort zone large enough?
Mangun, let's go on with you. I told you what Joao thought. But I didn't reveal what the other three judges thought. Lindsey and Raul and I think that you were the best in the semifinal! Congratulations, you're the winner of the week AND in the final round!! Carrie, I'm sorry to say, you really gave your best, but sometimes it just wasn't enough. Unfortunately, .... I fooled you! We can't let the winner of a task go, that's why we give you one last chance in the final round!!

What do you think about our decision?
Who is your favourite?
Any expectations or wishes for the final show?

xoxo Cathy


Carrie.Rose said...

OMG! You had me then, I really thought I was out of the competition! Thank you so much for giving me another chance, I really appreciate it!

For the ELLE task, I just completely misread the brief! When it said we will be flying out to Copenhagen and have the photo shoot there, I thought you meant going to the Headquarters of ELLE there, and did not think the shoot was actually outside in Copenhagen! Wow I feel like an idiot... and thought for sure I was eliminated whilst reading this! PHEW! :)

I am so happy I won the Marimekko task! I really did work hard on that and designed the outfit myself, Thank you to all the Judges!

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

Oh look, another competition where three people get into the Finale -.-

To be honest, I don't understand some statement of certain judges. I mean, in my opinion Manda was a bit better than Mangun when I think of the ELLE shoot and the Marimekko runway task.
Also, Manda designed her own jumpsuit for the last task. Look at that pattern, how is that NOT perfection?!?!?!?!
Carrie actually surprised me, I didn't expect her to be that good! :)

Roxanne Gonzalez said...

My fave is mangun. She has is sweet angelic look.

Cathérine Cerise said...

@Rafi: I respect your point of view, but that's not a reason to attack our judgements. We have four different judges to point out many different aspects and, to my mind, every judgement hsould be accepted - whether one shares it or not.

And instead of blaming me for letting three dolls in the final, you could rather say "oh, surprise, no one left in the semifinal". I don't really get why you are upset that three dolls are in the final.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, what a surprise! Congrats to the three finalists! Can't wait for the final task - I know you'll all rule the catwalk + beyond!

Manda (MandaMichalka) said...

Soooo happy I got into the Finale, even though I thought about better results for me! I really can't wait for the Final tasks!

Congrats to Carrie and Mangun, too!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, I hope Mangun wins, she is by far my favorite! I also like Carrie too! Good Luck to all!