Friday, 29 March 2013

Something to keep you going

Since so many contestants were late we only started judging today.
But to keep you going, I've created the trailer for the finale of CMA.
Enjoy and PLEASE tell me whether you like it. ^.~
Excited as I am?

xoxo Cathy

P.S.: please tell me if one of the videos doesn't show up.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Hurry up!

Due to several models asking for more time, the deadline is postponed by one and a half day.
It's now Tuesday, 26.03., 12:00 GMT

Friday, 22 March 2013

Stardoll's Teen Choice Awards

Hello girls and boys!

Are you all doing well with your tasks? Working with your personal advisors?
I hope you do, but that's not my reason for posting.
KylieGiselle announced the Teen Choice awards in her presentation
(not in her blog due to a whole big drama that isn't one at all, just hot air).
I thought that it was sad if no one read it, not even the winners, so I decided to post it here.
But before I share the picture with you, just let me give you one last advice:
Don't try too hard to be famous, you won't succeed.

xoxo Cathérine

P.S.: She's no longer judging for the interview part of the next task.

Update: Maybe I should've read what was written in the picture.
2 of our girls have won an award (apart from me ^__^).
Congratulations, Ashley, on getting voted as the best blog writer!
Congrats on winning in the category most beautiful medoll, Manda!
And no, I don't need a new co-judge for this small task ^.~

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

And the mysterious guest judge is...

... is the one and only Lindsey Le'Vogue aka LoveGossip4life! emmahunt4, ashley_doggett, this is your personal advisor :)

And as I already told you, these 3 girls will each judge one part of the task: AnneHattaway, KylieGiselle and ...singstar... :

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Interview Questions


This are the questions for the second part of Task 4 (c) by KylieGiselle. Please answer them in the comment together with the 2 links to the other parts of the task. And watch out what you say! ^.~

Team 1:
-What is the best part of being a model?
-What do you think are the three basic things needed for being a good model?

Team 2:
-What did you expect at the start of the competition?
-What means modeling for you?

Team 3:
-Which purpose do cou think the tasks at CMA have?
-What is your strategy to stand out of the crowd in the Dollywood model industry?

Team 4:
-Do you think that being a model is only about having a pretty face?
-What are you planning to do after the end of this cycle of CMA?

Team 5:
-What do you think makes you a good model?
-Do you think that you have improved throughout the previous tasks of CMA?

Good luck, girls and boys!

xoxo Cathy

Time to work!


Only 10 contestants are left and it's time to increase the difficulty of the tasks! This task, you'll be paired up in teams of 2. This will allow us to compare you directly. Each of the teams will get one of the judges as a personal advisor. He/She will help you to improve your task by giving advices and helping you in case you have questions. My advice: Take this possibility! Finish your task, send it to your judge, wait for her/his advice and work over it again and maybe send it the judge a second time until you're happy with the result.

Excited? Like the idea? Hate it? Tell us in the comments but I'm afraid you won't be able to change anything :P Now here are the teams I put together:

Team 1: MandaMichalka & mangunmeetan gets xXxDeliaxXx (Raul)
Team 2: SuperMiaStar & Cheekycazbo1    gets EllieCase (Joao)
Team 3: claragoosmann19 & Rei1981        gets mathildamath (Cathérine)
Team 4: smiling.jojoo & jovana8                 gets sparklewand12 (Kirsten)
Team 5: emmahunt4 & ashley-doggett         gets a guest judge for this task, until I get an answer of this mysterious person, take me (mathildamath aka Cathérine).

Now let's get to the tasks. Do you remember the little competition I posted a while back asking you to create a task? I received many creative entries and I just wasn't able to decide for a single winner. This and the the fact that we're already in the top 10 is why you'll get several tasks this week.

Task 1: Personify legends!
Every contestant should create a whole look (outfit & make-up) personifying a legend in a fashionable way in a graphic with an elaborated background. Try to reflect his or her style and personality in the graphic/scenery. Why shall this help you improve? You need lots of creativity and styling abilities for this and you'll have to take a deeper look into history, culture and the importance of legendary figures. This task was an idea of AnneHatttaway, so she'll be the guest judge for this part of the task. Here are the legends you'll have to portray:

Team 1: Rosa Parks
Team 2: Kurt Cobain (in a feminine version)
Team 3: Charlie Chaplin (in a feminine version)
Team 4: Louis XIV, le roi du soleil (in a feminine version)
Team 5: Cleopatra

My advice: here(1), here(2), here(3), here(4) or here(5)

Task 2: Watch out what you say!
A model doesn't only have to be good-looking but she also has to have something in her brain. In an interview, she has to find the right balance between telling interesting things about herself and not telling too much stuff that could be mistaken by the audience. That's why we want each of you to answer two questions for an interview on Stardoll's High Class  which will be published after you all sent in your answers. KylieGiselle, the owner of the blog, will be the guest judge for this part of task 4.
The questions will be posted as soon as I get them from KylieGiselle, so check back the blog tomorrow :)

Task 3: Take care of your look!
not only graphical skills but also creativity and of course style are verry important for a model. That's why we want to see your sense of style in this task! Each team gets a clothing item which shall be paired in a fashionable way according to a certain topic. This part of the task is a battle between the 2 dolls in one team, one will loose, one will win.
This idea is basically taken from ..singstar... so she'll be the guest judge for this part of the task.

Team 1: hipster
Team 2: edgy
Team 3: extravagant
Team 4: haute couture
Team 5: feminine/girly

This seems to be really much but in the end, you only have to create an outfit and answer some questions in addition to the graphic task. Good luck, girls and boys, and don't forget to ask your personal advisor for help! ^-^

Deadline: Sunday, March, the 24th, 9pm GMT

xoxo Cathérine

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Welcome our Top 10!

Dear reader of CMA,

can you believe that after this task only half of the contestants that started their first year at CMA will still be a part of it? Thank you for following the blog and commenting so nicely! And now let's take a look at the entries from this week!

"You still have to work on your graphic abilities but your pose is stunning. I'm not sure about the combination of the bikini and the ball but well done nevertheless." 
"  I like your Pose, your Outfit & your Hair but it all look a little bit to hard I prefer it a little softer"
"The pose is really good, and I love the bikini! Of course you shoulf improve your graphic skills, for that search for videos and xheck out the techniques of other graphic designers, that willl help you."
Overall: 2/1/0*


" Love the pose and the graphic! I can see you have some experience on graphics and that helped you a lot. I'm not a big fan of the bikini, but that might be just me. I think the hair looks a little bit with bad resolution, maybe you should try to fix that out :)"
"I really like the overall feeling of your graphic, it reminds me of summer and the background is really nice aswell as your pose. The only thing I dislike about your graphic is the bikini, I neither like the cut nor the colour scheme. Task for you: Think about your styling a little more, your graphic abilities are one of the best."
"I like the Pose & your Hair but I don´t like your Bikini it´s not my cup of tea"
Overall: 3/0/0 Congrats!

"wow your Pose & your Hair are great the Bikini too"
" wow I love this picture, it took so much my atention! Great colors, I really like the bikini and your graphic skills improved a lot, I love the skin! I think you should try to do a better hair, for that check out some techniques of graphic designers and try to do it like they do!"
"Your entry is really attention-catching! It's different from the other entries because of its pose and standing out of the crowd is probably the best you one can do! Try to cut out the forms of the bikini more properly though."
Overall: 3/0/0 Congrats!

"Your entry is really a step forward compared to your last task. But it is still missing the wow factor. The graphic is rather boring and I don't remember it after looking through many entries."
"sry I don´t like your Hair & Outfit but your Pose is ok it´s very shame that you don´t have a nice Background"
"Well it's ok. I'm not a big fan of the bikini, you should add a background, and try to do a better pose. You should also use some more bright colors, because when i look at this picture it doesn't remind me of summer."
Overall: 0/1/2

"The proposite of this task was for you to improve your graphic skills, and  you just used a graphic from another dress up siite and designed a bit of the bikini. I quite don't even know what to comment and tell u to improve because it was not made by you"
"I really like your idea of wearing more than just a bikini and the outfit is fashionable. What you have to work on now are your graphical skills. If you haven't got it yet, download GIMP for free and add more shading to your clothes, they look to plain at the moment.But after reading Joao's comment I realized that the pose wasn't made by you. I asked every contestant to give credit to websites they have taken images from. But you haven't and I can't give you a yes for cheating."
"Your Idea is nice but your implementation not. It looks so painted but you look very cute"
Overall: 1/0/2

"Sry I don´t like your Pose, Hair & Outfit. And it is really shame you don´t use a background"
"You should draw your own pose, this pose is not creative and it's boring. I like the bikini, but when I look at this picture it doesn't remind of summer, maybe because you didn't add a background (background is always important)."
"You're really creative (like your outfit) but you really, really, really have to improve your graphic skills. What to improve: a more exciting pose, a nice background that makes the image less boring, hair style. The shading of the clothes is ok/good for your level of graphis abilities. Give your best!"
Overall: 0/2/1

"Now that's really an improvement compared to your last few tasks! You look like a real model, your outfit is fashionable and your pose is nice, too. Keep improving your graphic abilities by creating new layers for the shading (some in black, some in white, with a low opacity) and stop using the dodge/burn tool."
"Your Pose, Outfit & Hair are very nice. I like that you used a bit of jewelry but not too much"
" Simple bikini, nice pose. I can see your trying to imporve your graphic skiils. You should have drown your own hair. I like that you added a background, because I can see summer in here! Next time try to draw your own hair, and practise a lot!"
Overall: 3/0/0 Congrats!

" Fierce pose, I like the sunset and the idea of it, it's also sexy! I just think you should work on the skin a little bit more. And the bikini is quite simple."
"Again someone who really improved! I can't believe this really is your entry if I remind myself of the last one :D The background is really nice, the pose is a little bit too sexy and you should still work on the skin and clothes shading to make it more accurate."
"When I see this Graphic and your first Graphic there is a very big Change (positive :)) I like your Hair & Pose but I don´t like that your Doll looks a little bit chubby."
Overall: 3/0/0 Congrats!

or the bonus version (which wasn't judged)

"Manda I only can say Wow Wow & Wow your Task is amazing everything is perfect & I love (& prefers) your bonus Graphic  the mermaid version is so fantastic :)"
" I'm speechless! It is so so so great Manda!!! You're getting better week by week! This is creative at the highest level! Love the skin shading, the bikini is so great and original! The hair is amazing! Everything fits together! Keep the great work Manda and you'll get far!"
"Stunning entry! It's close to perfection, standing out of the crowd and just gorgeous. I spend some time looking for something that you can improve (constrctive criticism and so on) and the only thing I found were the toes :P"
Overall: 3/0/0 Congrats!

"The monokini is definitely not my style and your two-coloured hair (isn't it from i-dressup?!) would look nicer in a single colour. But what I really like is that your doll is standing in the water. My advice: Keep it simple! Sorry for the harsh criticism, overall your entry was realy good ^.~"
"wow your graphic is really nice I like your Outfit , Hair & Pose. Your Idea to stand in the water is very good :). I only don´t like your Eyebrow Piercing."
"I can see you've improved! I like the bikini it has a good color and also the necklace! Your face here is so good! I just think the pose is a bit boring, try to do something more fierce, it will work well with you!"
Overall: 3/0/0 Congrats!

"Very great! I love the clothes and the hair! Your face fits here really well and I can see summer here! I just think you need to practice your skin shading!"
"Well done! Your outfit is put together very well, maybe another bikini colour would have looked even better. Try to work on your skin shading, maybe add another highlighting layer. And try to use your model's face and not another mouth."
"wow your Outfit Pose & Hair are amazing you look really great. I like that you used a bit of jewelry :) Only a little bit more Make up would be nice"
Overall: 3/0/0 Congrats!

There are definitely things that are much more important than a model comp. Health is one of them.
In the name of all the judges and all the contestants I wish you the best to get better soon. Thanks for being a contestant! :*

"Your Pose is nice but I don´t like your Bikini the color & pattern is awful. And I don´t like your Hair other one would be better"
"Nice pose. Your face doesn't work very well here. Nice bikini. Add some layers to the skin shading and work on the hair! "
"This is a huge step backwards from your last entry. The bikini pattern is awful since it has got nothing to do with summer at all. You also have to improve your hair and skin shading by adding more highlighting layers. At least the pose and the background are nice."
Overall: 0/3/0

What an exciting week with so many surprising contestants and tough competition.
Who will make it in the Top 3? Who will have to leave us apart from cooldeer123/Tânia?
Before you'll get an answer to these questions, let me introduce you our new judge:
Welcome on CMA!
Read more about Kirsten here.

Top 3
We received many good entries this week and many of you got a 3/0/0 voting.
Nonetheless we decided for our Top 3 easily.
The second place is shared by two girls which are
mangunmeetan and SuperMiaStar, Congratulations!

And without any doubt, the best entry this week was created by
Congratulations, you're the winner of this amazing prize which will hopefully keep reminding you of this task ^.~

Bottom 3
Now to the less pleasant part. This task will narrow you down to the Top 10 which means that 2 girls apart from Tânia will be leaving.

emmahunt4, Lizzy1414, Aeon_Flux_96, I'm sorry to tell you that you're in the bottom 3.
Only one of you will still have the chance to win various modeling contracts, interviews, clothes and shiny stardollars. Aeon_Flux_96, you won't because of the fact that you didn't do a graphic on your own. Thank you for participating nevertheless.

Hilmy or Lizzy, who'll have to leave us? You both had very weak graphics this week. But we see a higher potential in one of you, therefore we'll give this person a second and last try.
Hilmy (emmahunt4), give your best next week and surprise us by 200%! You're in the Top 10!
Thanks for participating and all the best for your further modeling career, Lizzy1414.

Ladies and gentleman, this are our Top 10!

Stay tuned for the next task!

xoxo Cathérine

* 2/1/0 means that 2 judges gave a "yes", 1 judge a "maybe" and no judge a "no"

Looking for a new judge!


I intended to post the results yesterday but sadly, I only have 2 co-judges left because Emma aka Cute.Miss.Lola is too busy. That's why I'm looking for another judge!

What do you have to do? You'll have to judge the contestants' entries and help me decide who will be the winner of the week and who'll be leaving us. Give constructive criticism and stay friendly.

What shall you have? Time and Skype. The judgements are posted in a group conversation on skype so an account is mandatory. And I want you to be punctual with your judgements which means that you'll have to do them within 2 or 3 days depending on the task.

You have what it takes? Apply now because I will choose the new judge as soon as possible.

Skype account (If you don't want to share it, send me a friend request with the skype name in it):
Modeling Experience:
Judging Experience:

Excited for your applications!

UPDATE: Applications closed!

xoxo Cathérine

Friday, 8 March 2013

Watch out, it's new!

Why shall it always be the owner of a contest deciding for a new task?
That was the question I asked myself and I didn't find a good answer.
That's why CMA is exclusively introducing a new way to challenge its contestants!
Now it's up to you to think of a challenging, interesting and maybe even funny task 
for the remaining 13 girls and boys. Just fill out this form until Sunday:

What shall the next task be? 
Why shall this help the models improve?
Please be as exact as you can!

I'm so excited to hear your ideas!
Everyone is allowed to participate except me and the contestants.
And who knows... maybe you'll get a little thank you for your idea ^.~

xoxo Cathérine

Let's do the timewarp...

Do you know that somehow annoying song? If not, don't worry, you didn't miss anything. And to avoid that you miss the deadline instead, I'll give you more time!

New deadline: Monday, the 11th March, 4pm GMT.

xoxo Cathérine

P.S.: Just in case you got curious...

Monday, 4 March 2013

Task 3

It's time for you to improve your graphical skills! Winter is hopefully over and we (at least in the Northern hemisphere) are waiting for summer to come! To make this time of waiting a little shorter, think of your summer holidays. Sun, beach and your favourite swimsuit!
Your task is to create a graphic of your doll in a beautiful swimsuit designed by you. The face and the swimsuit must appear completely in the graphic which means that you have the choice between a half body and a full body shoot. Please upload the graphic on imgur and give me the direct (!) link (=a link that leads directly to the raw image) in the comments. If you've used hair or other things from other websites or graphic designers (which isn't so good, just for those who aren't experienced enough in graphics or those who have just started) make sure to give credit in your comment. This includes hair from i-dressup aswell.
Give your best, dear contestants, because this task will narrow you down to the Top 10!

You have time until Saturday, the 9th March, 2pm GMT.

xoxo Cathérine

Update: If you are likely to have problems with this time limit, please message me (or write in my gb) NOW. Thanks :)

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Night of the Proms

I don't have a clue what happened to this video.
If you have any tip how I can make it appear, please tell me.
I'll be offline until tomorrow due to personal things (nothing bad ^.~)
Sorry for the delay, but I'm a beginner at making videos.

Spread the word!