Friday, 8 March 2013

Watch out, it's new!

Why shall it always be the owner of a contest deciding for a new task?
That was the question I asked myself and I didn't find a good answer.
That's why CMA is exclusively introducing a new way to challenge its contestants!
Now it's up to you to think of a challenging, interesting and maybe even funny task 
for the remaining 13 girls and boys. Just fill out this form until Sunday:

What shall the next task be? 
Why shall this help the models improve?
Please be as exact as you can!

I'm so excited to hear your ideas!
Everyone is allowed to participate except me and the contestants.
And who knows... maybe you'll get a little thank you for your idea ^.~

xoxo Cathérine


Anonymous said...

Name: Gabriela
Username: KylieGiselle
What shall the next task be? In pairs, CMA it's going to give the models one Clothing store of the Starplaza. Every of them, have to create an Outfit, and Make a comercial promoting the Clothes of the Store, and it has to be at least of 30 Seconds. The comercial winner will be shown in the SFW in June.
Why shall this help the models improve? A model not only makes Shoots, she makes Adevertisement. And if you are a Popular model, enterprenurs will want to make comercials with you, and it gives you more opportunity. But you have to be so fresh, glamourous, stylish and Fashionable to make the Comercial Fun and Eentertaining.

Mila Wu said...

Name: Mila
Username: ...singstar...
What shall the next task be? Similar to the "who wore it better" task on The Face, give pairs of girls the same clothing item, and a theme; and let them accessorize. The stronger of the two proceeds and the losing girls battle it out until one is selected as the weakest! Sounds morbid but it keeps the competition going strong! :)
Why shall this help the models improve? It will test their personal ability to take charge in a certain type of situation rather than to simply "do what you're told, when you're told".

Alessandra Gomez said...

Name: Katherine
What shall the next task be? Haute Couture
All models die to be in an Haute Couture runway , So i would challenge all contestants to recreate a spring 2013 haute couture outfit that inspires them. (graphic)
And make their models look classy cara delevingne style and with au naturel inspired makeup & hair look.
Why shall this help the models improve? Fashion , Beauty & poses are involved. And as I said Haute Couture is something major for any model ,so they'll improve their graphic skills and they'll show us their runway essence.

EllieCase (Joao) said...

Name: Joao
Username: EllieCase
What shall the next task be? So, the next tasll should be about the portuguese fashion. So people could learn more about the portuguese culture, portuguese fashion etc. We have some excellent fashion designers in Portugal and the most know I think it's Fatima Lopes, she is so good! We also have Ana Salazar, Dino Alves, José António Tenente, Alves/Gonçalves.. So, the task would be: We would give each contestant one portuguese fashion designer, and each contestant would have to do a graphic based mon that fashion designer. (If u want I can explain better on skype to you). I think this would be great because it would make people get to know better the portuguese fashion!
Why shall this help the models improve? They would get to know new fashion designers, new fashion culture, and they would be able to improve on their graphic skills, and clothing skills.

AnneHattaway said...

What shall the next task be? Personify legends. Every contestant should create a whole look (outfit+make up, if it´s scenery/graphic an elaborated background can de cool too)personifying in a fashionable way (reflecting his/her style and personality) a really important character non-fashion related for example: Cleopatra, Athena, Napoleon(in a feminine version), Queen Victoriam Hernest Hemingway(feminine version again) etc. Each contestant could get one asigned randomly or choose one significant to them.
Why shall this help the models improve? Because they will have to use a lot of creativity and styling abilities, as well as learning history, culture and the importance of legenday figures. I also think it would be intresting and fun!

lovealwaystiara stardoll said...

Name:gaby allan

What shall the next task be? the next task should be a graphical task you should give each contestant a brand and with the brand they have to creat the medoll looking though if the word is though or loveable if they word is lovably and they need to may look like thier brand but make it look fashionable to

Why shall this help the models improve? it would help them have a brand and improve their graphic skills