Sunday, 17 March 2013

Time to work!


Only 10 contestants are left and it's time to increase the difficulty of the tasks! This task, you'll be paired up in teams of 2. This will allow us to compare you directly. Each of the teams will get one of the judges as a personal advisor. He/She will help you to improve your task by giving advices and helping you in case you have questions. My advice: Take this possibility! Finish your task, send it to your judge, wait for her/his advice and work over it again and maybe send it the judge a second time until you're happy with the result.

Excited? Like the idea? Hate it? Tell us in the comments but I'm afraid you won't be able to change anything :P Now here are the teams I put together:

Team 1: MandaMichalka & mangunmeetan gets xXxDeliaxXx (Raul)
Team 2: SuperMiaStar & Cheekycazbo1    gets EllieCase (Joao)
Team 3: claragoosmann19 & Rei1981        gets mathildamath (Cathérine)
Team 4: smiling.jojoo & jovana8                 gets sparklewand12 (Kirsten)
Team 5: emmahunt4 & ashley-doggett         gets a guest judge for this task, until I get an answer of this mysterious person, take me (mathildamath aka Cathérine).

Now let's get to the tasks. Do you remember the little competition I posted a while back asking you to create a task? I received many creative entries and I just wasn't able to decide for a single winner. This and the the fact that we're already in the top 10 is why you'll get several tasks this week.

Task 1: Personify legends!
Every contestant should create a whole look (outfit & make-up) personifying a legend in a fashionable way in a graphic with an elaborated background. Try to reflect his or her style and personality in the graphic/scenery. Why shall this help you improve? You need lots of creativity and styling abilities for this and you'll have to take a deeper look into history, culture and the importance of legendary figures. This task was an idea of AnneHatttaway, so she'll be the guest judge for this part of the task. Here are the legends you'll have to portray:

Team 1: Rosa Parks
Team 2: Kurt Cobain (in a feminine version)
Team 3: Charlie Chaplin (in a feminine version)
Team 4: Louis XIV, le roi du soleil (in a feminine version)
Team 5: Cleopatra

My advice: here(1), here(2), here(3), here(4) or here(5)

Task 2: Watch out what you say!
A model doesn't only have to be good-looking but she also has to have something in her brain. In an interview, she has to find the right balance between telling interesting things about herself and not telling too much stuff that could be mistaken by the audience. That's why we want each of you to answer two questions for an interview on Stardoll's High Class  which will be published after you all sent in your answers. KylieGiselle, the owner of the blog, will be the guest judge for this part of task 4.
The questions will be posted as soon as I get them from KylieGiselle, so check back the blog tomorrow :)

Task 3: Take care of your look!
not only graphical skills but also creativity and of course style are verry important for a model. That's why we want to see your sense of style in this task! Each team gets a clothing item which shall be paired in a fashionable way according to a certain topic. This part of the task is a battle between the 2 dolls in one team, one will loose, one will win.
This idea is basically taken from ..singstar... so she'll be the guest judge for this part of the task.

Team 1: hipster
Team 2: edgy
Team 3: extravagant
Team 4: haute couture
Team 5: feminine/girly

This seems to be really much but in the end, you only have to create an outfit and answer some questions in addition to the graphic task. Good luck, girls and boys, and don't forget to ask your personal advisor for help! ^-^

Deadline: Sunday, March, the 24th, 9pm GMT

xoxo Cathérine


Manda said...

Wow, I will have fun with it! :)
Amazing task!!! or should I say tasks? ;))


Reina said...

Hi, please, is there any chance to extend the due date until monday or tuesday??

Emma Hunt said...

Task 1:
Hope you Like it and Thank You Lindsey for your help :3
Task 2:
-What do you think makes you a good model?
Well I actually don't think I am a good model personally I think everyone is a good model in their own way and I think what make me a good model is actually the person I am like my personality makes me a good model, my dolls face first of all without that who am I lol but seriously I think its my personality overall which make me a good model
-Do you think that you have improved throughout the previous tasks of CMA?
For sure, like I could never imagine myslef doing these graphics and meeting these amazing people through the process of CMA and I found out lately that I am much stronger then I actually thought I was and I enjoy every moment I get in this competition and If I leave I just wanted to say thank you to the judges and Cath specially for actually asking me to join :)
Task 3:
Hope you like it :3

Mangunmeetan said...

Yes, I agree. Please give us some more time..

Ashley_Doggett said...


What do you think makes you a good model?

I believe my ambition overall makes me a good model. I'm not just a "pretty face" and have not used that factor to skate by in life in the slightest, even here on Stardoll. Although modeling requires you to look asthetically pleasing most of the time, the model's personal ambition and drive make him or her whom they really are. I also find that having a good sense of charisma and an open mind makes me a good model. I am open to criticism and eagerly use critiques and honesty to make myself better all around. I am willing to try different, daring things and stretch my ideas to the farthest of limits.

-Do you think that you have improved throughout the previous tasks of CMA?

I believe I have personally. When I first started with CMA, my style was unique yet a bit outlandish. I have learned to tone down my overall apperance without taking out my personality in the process. I have also experimented with different graphic techniques and have invested some time into making my graphics more intresting to look at. As an artist off of Stardoll, I understand much improvement means and how it will define your work in a very serious manner. It's just the same with CMA. My improvement has shown with each task. Practice makes perfect!


Reina said...

-Which purpose do cou think the tasks at CMA have?
They encourage us to be better models, to have more fashion sense and to improve our dressing, make up and graphics skills.
-What is your strategy to stand out of the crowd in the Dollywood model industry?
Perseverance. I try to learn and become a better model every day. It doesn´t matter how many times I may fall, I will always stand up and continue my journey to success.



Carrie.Rose said...


-What did you expect at the start of the competition?
I expected a fun filled series of tasks with some friendly competition. I knew graphic skills would be an advantage further into the contest. I also expected some amazing competitors, so I was prepared to spend a lot of time committed to this. I thought it would be an enjoyable experience and I thought correctly :)

2)-What means modeling for you?
Modelling to me is a way to express yourself through your actions and fashion. It helps build peoples confidence and show their emotions through photography. In competitions like this we have the opportunity to get creative with our modelling and be challenged with different tasks. I also find modelling very inspiring.


Thanks and good look to all the other contestants! xx

smiling.jojoo said...

Finally I finished my tasks:


Due I had some problems in Real Life I wasn't able to spend much time on this graphic. Hope you like it although! (:

Task2: -Do you think that being a model is only about having a pretty face?
A pretty face is nice but it is not everything a model needs! A models face has to be special, somethink you can remember. Pretty faces look always nice but only the special faces can be remebered. (:
-What are you planning to do after the end of this cycle of CMA?
Maybe I'll participate some more model- competitions! (: I love modeling with my Stardoll- Face, and so I think I'll keep on searching for model jobs!


Manda said...

Here are my tasks, finally! I'm Sorry that I'm a hour late, but imgur made some problems.
Anyways, enjoy!

1) The Legendary:

2) -What is the best part of being a model?
In my opinion the best part of being a model is, when people look at you and watch out for you.
When they tell you, you look beautiful or tell you they are going to feature you in upcoming magazines, you feel
so happy and honored and you really appreciate it that your hard work gets recognized.
It is an amazing feeling to watch at a magazine or campaign or anything else and to find yourself shooted in it.
The Model world is beautiful, full of glamour and creativity. I'm always wondered to what the people are
able to create.

-What do you think are the three basic things needed for being a good model?
I think a model should be varied! She should be able to slip into different roles, but she also should'nt forget about
her own style and personality.
She must have a unique face. It has to be recognizable and it should stand out from the crowd.
Prensentation, so many things depend on the presentation; in the model business and (model) lifestyle. You should
know how to present yourself on the runway and in photo shootings. Moreover she should present herself
polite and lovely. She shouldn't be shy, but also not conceited and act like a diva.
If you follow these steps, nothing should stand in the way of your career.

3) My Outfit:

Twinkle Twinkle

Mangunmeetan said...

Jovana8 said...

I'm sorry, i'm late. But there were a little bit trouble out of Stardoll :s
My first task:,8of9bq2
And the second one:,8of9bq2#1
Questions :
-Do you think that being a model is only about having a pretty face?
No, it's about how she point out the task & how she combinate everything together.
-What are you planning to do after the end of this cycle of CMA?
As i'm really sure, that i won't win, i'd like to do more competitions like CMA.

claragoosmann19 said...

-Which purpose do you think the tasks at CMA have?
I think they should challenge us. Through comparing to others, we will see what we can do better and how variable a topic can be. So we improve a lot for example our graphic skills. This is what my "stragedy" is based on.

-What is your strategy to stand out of the crowd in the Dollywood model industry?

Most important is, to have a unique face, that is recognizeable. There are so many beautiful models out there and if you look similar, you don't stand out of the crowd.