Saturday, 16 March 2013

Looking for a new judge!


I intended to post the results yesterday but sadly, I only have 2 co-judges left because Emma aka Cute.Miss.Lola is too busy. That's why I'm looking for another judge!

What do you have to do? You'll have to judge the contestants' entries and help me decide who will be the winner of the week and who'll be leaving us. Give constructive criticism and stay friendly.

What shall you have? Time and Skype. The judgements are posted in a group conversation on skype so an account is mandatory. And I want you to be punctual with your judgements which means that you'll have to do them within 2 or 3 days depending on the task.

You have what it takes? Apply now because I will choose the new judge as soon as possible.

Skype account (If you don't want to share it, send me a friend request with the skype name in it):
Modeling Experience:
Judging Experience:

Excited for your applications!

UPDATE: Applications closed!

xoxo Cathérine


Michelle Umunna said...

Name: Michelle

Username: ChocoMushroom

Age: 15

Skype account (If you don't want to share it, send me a friend request with the skype name in it): michelle_est.97

Modeling Experience: a couple, nothing major

Judging Experience: n/a this would be the first time, if i'm accepted

lovealwaystiara stardoll said...

Name:gaby allan
Skype account :lovealwaystiara...stardoll
Modeling Experience:i have worked with seasons magazine and meatpe stardoll
Judging Experience:none this would be my first time :)

Flowerpin said...

Name: Cayla
USERNAME: Flowerpin
Age: 16
Skype: If you accept me I will send it to you via pm
Modeling: Last season of RNTM
Judging: N/A

It's fine if you don't choose me. It would just be a cool thing to be a part of. :)