Sunday, 17 March 2013

Interview Questions


This are the questions for the second part of Task 4 (c) by KylieGiselle. Please answer them in the comment together with the 2 links to the other parts of the task. And watch out what you say! ^.~

Team 1:
-What is the best part of being a model?
-What do you think are the three basic things needed for being a good model?

Team 2:
-What did you expect at the start of the competition?
-What means modeling for you?

Team 3:
-Which purpose do cou think the tasks at CMA have?
-What is your strategy to stand out of the crowd in the Dollywood model industry?

Team 4:
-Do you think that being a model is only about having a pretty face?
-What are you planning to do after the end of this cycle of CMA?

Team 5:
-What do you think makes you a good model?
-Do you think that you have improved throughout the previous tasks of CMA?

Good luck, girls and boys!

xoxo Cathy

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