Friday, 19 July 2013

Are you ready?!


The final tasks are here ar
and Cathérine's Model Academy is coming close to an end! :O
As excited as I am? Here we go!

Task 1: Desert Photoshoot 
We 'll be flying to El Aaiún in the middle of the Sahara Desert!
Africa is - as you'll experience - a fascinating continent. 
For this photoshoot, I want you to get rid of your smiling face.
With the vast spaces of the Sahara behind you, we want to see your vulnerable and sensitive side.
Show emotions with your pose and in your face.
The outfit should be either a long, flowing dress, skirt or wide pants (of course with a fitting top and accessories). High heels can be left in your bag for this shoot.

Task 2: Ad campaign
MyBoshi is a fashion brand that doesn't sell clothes but wool. With this wool, you can do your own beanie - in the colour(s) you like. The creative director of MyBoshi contacted me and he wants you to create an ad campaign for their beanies. Of course, the logo has to be on your ad, a "myboshi"-Beanie and a slogan.
The rest is up to you. Everything is allowed, as long as it attracts customers.

Task 3: Ready for Runway?
As if walking down the runway beautifully wasn't complicated enough, I want you to walk in a haute couture dress (or body) with a long, long train. The overall topic of the runway show shall be "Feel like a grecian goddess". Each one of you will represent one goddess. Mangun will transform into Aphrodite, Manda will show up as Artemis and Carrie will be gracing as Demeter.

I'm so excited to see your entries!
Since some of you have summer holidays, you have time to hand in your tasks until
Wednesday, August,  the 7th. As you have so much time, I want all of you to be punctual, I will NOT give you more time, if you don't hand in your tasks on time, you're out.


xoxo Cathy


Mangunmeetan said...


Manda (MandaMichalka) said...

Hey :)

Finally I'm finished.
You know it's called 'Better Later than never' but in this case I don't know if it's accetable.
I can say I'm sorry a hundred times, what I really am, but It won't turn back the time. :/

Cathy I also want to say a HUGE Sorry to you, 'cause you couldn't work much on the Grande Finale!

Probably you'll wonder why I am so late, but that has many more or less private reasons I don't want to tell here.

I am really really so so so excited about CMA and I actually can't wait to show you my entries!! I can't wait for the Finale! Soo excited!!

Here you are:

1) Desert Shoot:

The Outfit to have a closer look on it:

2) myboshi Ad campaign:

3) Runway Shoot - Artemis:

Moreover I want to say, no matter how the judges will decide, I want to thank you, especially Cathy, for this opportunity to fight in this competition and for the great experience! CMA helped me a lot to improve my graphics and to work on (graphical) details.
The Cycle has been a blast and It was a great time!

Mangun, good luck to you my dear! :)

Have a gorgeous day everyone,
Yours Manda El Rose :)