Monday, 20 May 2013

Results of Task 6

Hello everyone!

Finally the results are here! Read the given task again here:

Ashley had to leave the competition due to personal reasons. Thanks a lot for participating and we wish you all the best for your modeling career!


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Judge 1: "First of all, I'm really a fan of the logo you created! The graphic quality of the hat is really good, especially compared to things you did previously. But still, as in many of your other entries, I'm definitely missing the wow-effect, your commercial just doesn't attract me that much. The colour scheme is quite pale and especially the white background extremely boring. My advice for the next task: Think OUTSIDE the box! Otherwise, you won't improve."
Judge 2:" I really like this hat! Great colours! Just not that much extravagant, but good hat! About the graphic, try to improve your skin shading."
Judge 3:" I really like this. The hat is definitely original, and although its not something I could imagine wearing myself, it'd be a perfect fix for any risk taker. My main concern though is the fact that I wouldn't exactly be able to tell what company I could purchase the hat from. The logo should be one of the main focus' of the graphic (aside from the hat). Keep this in mind!"
Judge 4:"The Hat is ok but nothing that look like WOW. Your Hair is very boring I wished it would be a little bit more voluminous. But I like the colors."


Judge 1: "Whereas I really like your slogan, I'm not too happy with the graphic itself. My favourite part has to be the head which is extravagant and beautiful at the same time. But the rest of the graphic, especially the hair and the neck lack definition for me, they just look as if you've just put some effects on a photograph. Besides, your makeup is quite boring, I'd loved another lipstick. Overall, a quite average entry but with a lovely hat."
Judge 2:"I love the overall picture, it makes me want to stay starring at her, but then I founs many things that I think if you improve it would be so much better. First, the hair, if you made a great hair the picture would be awsome since it captures our attention, then the skin shading, if these two things were better it would be really awsome. I also think you should add some movement to the model, or some pose. I love the hat, simple but at the same time extravagant!"
Judge 3:"This is one of my favorites of the task. Though the hair is using photo filters - something I really think lowers the quality of the graphic - and you didn't have any noticable brand logo for the hat you are selling, I think you accomplished the true task at hand: advertising an extravagant hat."
Judge 4:"I love your Graphic it´s so beautiful, elegant & of course majestic. Everything fit perfect together your background looks great also your Make up & Hair. It looks fresh and when I see it I have spring fever. Very well done."


Judge 1: "Compared to your first entries, this is just gorgeous. But still, you were one of the weakest this week if you ask me. The colour scheme pulls me off and the graphic quality especially of the skin is not as good as it could be. Your hat is nice, but it isn't as extravagant as some other pieces. But although you didn't execute it well, your idea of showing a naked woman to put the focus on the hat was good."
Judge 2:"At first it lookes really good, but then I just noticed that the face doesn't fit in there, I don't know why. The hat looks good but I don't really understand what are those green things. The hair is kind of really bad. But I like the colors, and great pose!!"
Judge 3:"The hat is the main focus of the graphic, which is what I'm majorly judging by, so that's good. My main concern is that the text and background just make the graphic "sketchy" and "disorganized." The skin and hat shading could be improved, but for the most parts it's a good entry."
Judge 4:"Your Hat is really good, creative and I like the color also your Pose is very good but I don´t like the Hair its very boring and it should be a little bit more voluminous. "


please give a direct ( link next time
Judge 1: "Very majestic! I love the feathers on your hat and the overall add. Nevertheless, I have some small things I dislike (colour of the hat, rushed top and the neck). But the positive aspects definitely outweigh the negative. Great entry!"
Judge 2:" OMG, OMG I love it so much, I'm speechless! I love the colours, I LOVE the hat it is so awsome, great details on the hat, the peacock inspiration ( I love peacocks) . The hair looks so good and fierce!! The skin shading and the dress look so awsome! Amazing pose, your make-up really fits here! The overall picture makes me want to stay starring at it for hours! Great slogan! I really think you got it! SO AMAZING!"
Judge 3:"I love how fierce the hat is! If I were to see this in a magazine, I would've thought you were selling either both the hat and dress or the makeup. The skin shading is one of the higher quality than the other contestants, but the collarbone has a weird shape to it, and the hair could also use some extra work. For the most part, good job, though!"
Judge 4:"WOW your Hat is incredible! Everything is perfect the Dress fit perfect to the Hat its kept simple that’s very good so the hat comes very well for retribution and your Make up is perfect too! Very very well done!"


Judge 1: "Congratulations for doing this in an hour. I'd never be able to this ins uch a short time. But still, this competition isn't about the time only. Your ad is quite boring and the hat is not the centre of attention as it isn't completely visible and the font is written over it. But thumbs up for following the rest of the task ;). I like the top, the necklace and the elegant retro feel of the graphic. the slogan is nice, too. But you seem to have two different skin colours and no face shading. I know (e.g. from MMM) that you can do better! But overall, the ad isn't that bad but not spectacular either."
Judge 2:" I'm not sure about this, I really like the face, but I think it's kind of the only thing I really like it here, because there's no pose, the hat is a real image (I think) so it wasn't made by you, the skin shading is off..."
Judge 3:"Another one of my favorites, I think you've both been able to maintain focus on the hat, and also incorperate the brand of where I can purchase it. I might change the color of the dress to something a little duller, so it'll bring even more focus to the hat. Well done!"
Judge 4:"I love your Hat! He fit perfect to your cute Hair. Your Dress with the pearl necklace is very nice too. The only negative thing I can say is that the hat could be more colorful but very well done!"

So who will be eliminated this task? The answer is: no one. Since Ashley left, I proudly present you the TOP 5 of Cathérine's Model Academy Cycle 1:

Stay tuned for the next task!

xoxo Cathérine


Carrie.Rose said...

Thank you so much for the comments! I am glad you all had something nice to say, and am super excited to be in the top 5!

I am excited for the next task, as I now have new goals and have improvements to make :)

Anonymous said...

congrats to the top 5 :)

Anonymous said...

Manda, you should take much more attention of what you want to shade, the curles in your hair look really wierd sometimes, same problem at the neck part. It's also to much shading sometimes. It makes the model look like not really feminin, looks more muskulin!

xXxDeliaxXx said...

Anonymous I hate People who dish out but than they are to cowardly to say who they are ... very ridiculously

xoxo Raul