Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Task 7

We're in the top 5, so it's definitely time for a difficult task! I've had this idea in mind for a long time, before it was posted on SNTGD. Although it was one of their final tasks, I decided to use it here aswell:

Create a cd cover for the following singles. Your medoll has to be included and it shall be the focus of the cover. Nevertheless, the background is very important for the impression of the cover graphic. Include the band's/singer's name as well as the single's title on the cover. As it is a CD cover, the size has to be 12cm*12cm. Try to make your graphic fit to the song and write a short text, why you chose your cover.
Important: Don't try to look like the singer, this is NOT a look-a-like. Try to incorporate the song into your cover, expression is more important than looking good (but both is relevant).

Carrie: Bruno Mars - Money makes her smile

Clara: Nancy Sinatra - These boots are made for walking

Johanna: Guns 'n' Roses - November Rain

Manda: Mika - Lonely Alcoholic

Mangun: Wiz Khalifa - Young, wild and free

Good luck!
Give your best or you'll be eliminated!
Deadline is the 01.06.2013, 6pm GMT

xoxo Cathérine


Jasmine Alex said...

What a great task for the contenders!

Mangunmeetan said...

I wanted to do an outfit inspired by Rebel or Wild Fashion, and so I chose the bottle green bustier with the high lime green skirt and chunky bracelets. To add a pop of color, the hair were dip-dyed cyan.
Intense, dark makeup complete the look with my favorite muscle car in the background :) I hope you like it!

smiling.jojoo said...

The first thing I thought of when I read the title was rain. So I decided to make a rainy bac background. The song tells a very sad story and so I wanted to keep the colour theme in black and white and some light blue accents.
The song is very rocky (and the guitar solo is awesome! I'm so in love with it!) so I choose a rocky typeface for the song title. I think this a good contrast to the sad eyes of my doll.
I hope you like it although I hadn't enaugh time to finish the hair (but I wanted to be punctual )


Carrie.Rose said...

Sorry i am an hour late, I spent the week at my cousins house and forgot to post this before I went.

After hearing the song chosen for me I immediately had a vision of a gold digger and pictured my medoll laying in money, this would perfectly go with the title, and of course my medoll would be smiling!

I did research beforehand too and saw that many of Bruno Mars' cd covers have a cartoon effect (e.g the lazy song), so the money was made less realistic to fit this theme. I decided on a red dress and red lipstick to make the outfit stand out from the busy background, and think the overall cover turned out great! :)

http://i.imgur.com/XjdsU4E.png Good luck to everyone else!

Manda said...

Hello my dear Cathy and dear Jury!
I know I'm soooo late, but I'm really really sorry about it.
I had many exams this week and had a very tight time schedule.

Now let's come to my entries:

No. 1: The Official Cover
Mika - Lonely Alcoholic:

Actually the task was real challenge for me. It was hard to find a good pose, that isn't too overacted, but also focuses on the alcohol and the models expression.
Concerning expression, I wanted to make the model look as if she was a real alcoholic, lonely, depressive. I tried to make her have a kind of empty look in her face, as if it was none-saying.
I also tried to show some typical alcoholic signs, such as: Messy hair and makeup,a very bright skin teint (she doesn't go out, she just sits at home and drinks alcohol).
In the end if I look at the headline "Lonely Alcoholic" I think I kind of created a matching Cover.
A black background is a symbol for a big hole full of loneliness, dark and silence, where she is captured in.
A glass of wine in her hand and tears in her face are a symbol of this "prison of dilemma": she doesn't want to drink this, but she can't help it, she can't change the passion to alcohol, because its her obsession.
For sure this is all underlined with a allround dark atmosphere, dark shading, dark clothing, etc.

Ohhh and if you might wonder (what I'm sure off) why the hair remembers you to the stardoll hair... Yes, we took the same reference. I found it on google and I thought it would fit quite well, when I finished the hair I was like "OH NOO, it looks like stardolls hair!!!". I hope mine version looks better, hehe. ^-^

No. 2: The Addition to the Cover:

Here you can see the same version with a prison grid, which again underlines this real dilemma between her obsession and herself.
You can see this cover in the same CD as well. If you open the CD shell you an see this version with a prison grid behind the official cover.

I hope you like my entries. :)
And I HOPE SO MUCH I can show next task, that I can be punctual.
*fingers crossed*


Anonymous said...

It has been almost two weeks since the deadline! Why have the results not yet been posted?!

Anonymous said...

I know people are busy with real life, but i agree! It has been longer than it should be for the results, We have all been very patient and now ask you in the nicest way possible to please post them as soon as you can!

Cathérine Cerise said...

I completely agree with you, I left you waiting too long. I'm really sorry, and I will definitely try to be faster next task. I've posted an explanation in the results post which is out now. And thanks for asking so politely!

xoxo cathy