Monday, 1 April 2013

It't time to say...


I've really had fun doing this competition and it is so damn hard to write these words.
I've been thinking a lot lately and I came to the result that I am just not capapble of continuing to run this competition. It's a lot of work, more than I ever thought it to be. It's fun, of course, but not always. And in the past weeks, it has put moch more pressure on me than it has been fun. Some days ago, I still published the spoiler of the finale but I'm afraid it will never take place. A big thank you to my amazing judges Raul, Joao, kirsten, Emma, lindsey and for this task ...singstar... and AnneHattaway. I don't want to disappoint you, but I will have to.
An even bigger thank you to "my" contestants, you're all amazing in your very own way. I bet you'll all start or continue your modeling career, best wishes from me.

I have nothing left to say except four little words:

Some stay, some leave.

Lots of love, Cathérine Cerise


Jovana8 said...

I'm very sad, but i understand why you do this :(
You gave me a chance, and that's why i only can thank you.
You've been a good Jury and there were many diffrent tasks! I wish you all the best and Thanks for CMA :)

Jasmine Alex said...

Awwee. What a shame......but well undestood! A put to rest. You have done very well and no one should be in doubt pf that. I would just like to say thank you on behalf of everyone.

Reina said...

I´m so sad, but I understand you.
I really enjoyed the competition, you are a great and nice person.

Flowerpin said...

April fools, perhaps? Hopefully.

Cool.Glimmer said...

Your label says April Fool.
Are you joking or it's true?

Kimbery Dean (xxlovexx) said...

I like the april fools label ;)