Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Task #5


We haven't done a runway shoot yet, so it's definitely the time to do one!
Your task is to create a graphic with your medoll featured on the runway.
The outfit should be prêt-à-porter and it shall go with the actual trends.
You have time until Wednesday, the 10th at 10pm GMT.

Good luck!

xoxo cathérine

Update: I am talking of Spring/Summer 2013.
Sorry for all those who live on the southern hemisphere ^.~


Mangunmeetan said...

Love it! :) Gonna get started right away!

Reina said...

Nice task! I like it =)

Mangunmeetan said...

So I thought of doing an Indian ready to wear outfit with elaborate embroidery but colorful at the same time. It's a bit 'heavy' but that's what Indian fashion is all about - over-the-top! I incorporated wuite a few summer trends including chivalry, embroidery, orange, velvet and borders. I worked really hard on it, I hope you like it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, could you maybe have some example images for us for inspiration? thanks :)

Cathérine Cerise said...

@Anonymous: I think that you're able to use a search enginge like google on your own. And we're at a point of the competition where I should be able to expect of my contestants that they're able to get their own inspiration. i know that this is a very free task but I'm excited to see what's coming!

xoxo cathy

Manda said...

Hey Cathy :)

I just got the message that I won't be at home tomorrow until 9pm, so it would be great if you give me one more day to finish the task.
Until Thursday, the 11th, 10pm.

Big Thanks in advance,

Ashley_Doggett said...

Reina said...

My entry:

Xoxo =)

P.S: I made the background too.

smiling.jojoo said...

In my opinion is white one of the best spring colours and is for me definetely a spring- trend. And so is embroidery a trend. The cut of the dress is simple but I think you can really see Spring in the outfit.

Hope you like it! (:

Carrie.Rose said...

This is my take on prêt-à-porter, It is a simple dress you can wear for every day or night time. I added spring coloured detail to the black dress, I used pink and green for this as I relate these colours to the leaves and flowers of Spring time.

I made the runway themed as if it was a real fashion collection, I hope you like it, Thanks xx

claragoosmann19 said...

I finished (: I hope I'm not too late..


Manda said...

I finally finished my entry:

Here is it:

I hope you like it,
Manda :)