Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Results Task 4 Part 3


If you haven't read the second part yet, click HERE.
The decision of task 2 will take place in this part of the results post. For the entries and judgements, click the link above. This decision was quite tough since it's been the first time that the judges (including me) weren't of the same opinion. Obviously, we're close to the semi-finals!

Team 1: Manda&Mangun
A clear win for Manda. She incorporated more aspects of the “hipster theme” into her outfit, therefore ..singstar.. selected her as the stronger girl for this task, as did everyone else of the judging team. Mangun's task didn't fulfill the given criteria which means that you're in our Bottom 4. Manda, you're the team winner and you're in the next round!

Team 2: Carrie&Mia
Carrie has won automatically since Mia didn't send in her entries. Congratulations Carrie, you're the team winner not only because Mia hasn't sent in her entries. Welcome in the next round! Mia, you're eliminated. No entries means no next task.

Team 3: Clara&Reina
Your team was the hardest to judge! It was a very tough decision and we had a very clear tie since one judge and one guest judge considered Clara as team winner, another judge and the other guest judge prefered Rei. And the last judge liked both... With the tiniest protrusion possible, Rei has won. But as you were so close to each other, you're both in the next round and you're both team winners. Congratulations!

Team 4: Jojo&Jovana
Once again, a close decision. 3 judges prefered Jovana's work, 2 liked Jojo's better. But none of you was really good. I'm sorry to say that you're entire team is in the Bottom 4.

Team 5: Ashley&Hilmy
Finally, a very clear decision again. 5 votes for an amazing, powerful Cleopatra called Ashley. Congratulations, you're the team winner and in the next round! I'm afraid you're in the Bottom 4, Hilmy.

Bottom 4

Mangun, let this be a warning for you! Read the task better next time. Next time? Yes, we decided to let you in the next round since your past entries were really good and we hop that you'll get back to that level again. Second chance for you, you're in the next round. Congratulations!

Hilmy, you've never been one of the best in the last tasks. To be honest, you've always been one of the worst. I'm sorry to say, but you're eliminated. BUT keep modelling, you've scored a well deserved 9th place and throughout CMA, you have really, really, really improved!

Mia, you already know that you're eliminated. To my mind, this is very sad. I can't understand why you haven't done the task, you were one of the best. You could have been so much better than place 10.

Jojo and Jovana, it has really been a tough decision who of you will have to leave. This task, Jovana was a little better. But if we take a look back, Johanna has nearly always been better. We see a higher potential in Johanna. Congratulations, you're in the next round but you must improve! Jovana, I'm sorry but I have to tell you that you're eliminated. Nonetheless, you score a well deserved place 8!

This means that our Top 7 are set! Party, girls!! MandaMichalka, Cheekycazbo1, mangunmeetan, ashley_doggett, claragoosmann19, Rei1981 and smiling.jojoo. Are you ready to rock the next tasks?

I bet you'll be even more motivated with a little prize... or maybe even a larger prize? The 5 team winners 
(or shall I say the four and a half team winners?) will all get a graphic sponsored by Crystallam2000!
Manda, Carrie, Ashley, Rei, Clara: Congratulations! As soon as they're finished, I'll post them here.
And a huge thank you to Crystallam2000 for sponsoring this prize.
(just talking of the 5 graphics)
Check out our media partners page for our other sponsors. And prepare for an exciting task!
Happy with the decision? Was it just?

xoxo Cathérine


Reina said...

Thank you so much! I´m very happy to be in the Top 7!!
Enjoy your day!

Emma Hunt said...

haha I knew it lol well I had fun in this Competition actually had a great experience so thank you all and god luck to the top 7 :D

Mangunmeetan said...

That was a close one. I'm sorry I disappointed you. I will definitely bring the level up.