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Results Task 5

Hey everyone!

Excited for the results of task 5? Before I post them, I first have to announce some news.
Kirsten left the judging panel before judging the task.
So we have a new regular judge which is ... Lindsey aka LoveGossip4life!
Click here to read more about her.

The guest judge for this task is Kathy aka dubistdie:

Besides, I decided to keep posting the judge's comments anonymously. But I will tell you which judge saw which contestants in the Bottom 3 and Top 2. Now to the results:


Judge1: You definitely included spring trends in this graphic! I'm not so sure of the legs, they look as if the model was shaking instead of walking. Besides, yu seem to smile too much. My favourite part of the graphic is the background, very detailed!

Judge 2: Really good! I love this collection, so you made a great choise! The background is nice, you just need to work on the skin shading!

Judge 3: Simple Black & White Outfit but very nice. The Background is also good. I only don´t like the Bow on your Head & the Earrings I think Silver one would be better.

Judge 4: This is right on trend-wise. I actually am not a huge fan of monochrome, but the way you portrayed it made me fall for it. I really like the runway, but what I'm not crazy for is the shading. I don't see much of an appeal with strictly blurring--maybe try making more layers, and try to lower the strength of blurring. Another thing I think you should work on is the model's expression. While it was a fresh breath of air seeing a model smiling, I think the expression the model held was a bit too cheerful for the outfit she wore. Maybe I also just am so used to runway models holding a scowl.

Guest judge: I’m sorry but for me this is not what i think about prêt-a-porter when I look at your picture.
The part of your legs isn’t cutted out very good. Although I can see your idea and I like the background but I can’t see an improvement in this entry.


Judge1: It#s ok, just the colours don't look good for spring and the green ruffle is horrible. but well done graphicwise.

Judge 2: Nice outfit and nice background! You just have to work on the shading of the clothes and the skin! But it's a really nice picture!

Judge 3: Aww your Outfit and Runway are very cute. Love your Outfit everything is nice I only missed some accessories.

Judge 4:  If anyone knows me, they'll know I love me some ruffles. And this season has plenty of gruffles--as its called. I think your entry was fairly strong, I think other than the ruffles, it didn't possess the traits that many of the S/S trends have. I think it was rather safe, and I think you could've taken a few more risks. I also am feeling a more Spring vibe, which if you're trying to create an outfit that'll suit both the spring and summer season, this outfit isn't one of them. I think the hair isn't too bad, you're certainly on the right track hair-wise. Besides a few minor details, this is a great entry!

Guest judge: I like your entry. It’s not perfect but it’s still very good but you should highlight so much more!


Judge1: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Love the dress, the pose and your facial expression. To get even better, work on your hair shading.

Judge 2:  Nice dress! But you look really small, and u should look a little bit more tall! If you practice your skin shading it will turn out much better!

Judge 3: Wow your Dress is amazing I love it so much! Your Hair & Pose are also very good only Point I missed the Jewelry. Very good Job!

Judge 4: I instantly fell in love with this graphic. Turquoise is one of the hottest trends this season, which is something you got right on. That along with the unique printing, I'd definitely expect this to be something seen on the runway. I am a bit torn though. From the neck down to the hemming of the dress your shading was near imppecable! From that, I had no complains. Although, the legs is where it gets a bit shaky. It looks as if you added a streak of burning and dodging, which lowered the overall quality of the graphic. The shoes could use some more work, but its not to the point where it's bad, either. Overall, i think you did an amazing job--It was definitely one of my favorite.

Guest judge: I really like your dress. Maybe your shading is a little bit to harsh and you’re the pose of the foot on the left side looks not really naturell. Although I think your entry is all in all very good.


Judge1: Your outfit is very nice, perfect for spring as well as the shoes. But what really takes my attention off from the dress is the boring and ugly background, it's much too basic! You graphic quality has become better but you still have to improve clothes shading.

Judge 2:  wow, I love this! The dress looks so great! The skin shading is really good! And I see lots of improvement on your graphic skills!

Judge 3: Love your Dress, Hair & Background and I don´t have anything else to tell you

Judge 4:  I think your entry was one of the lesser quality entries, and to be completely honest the only thing I was maybe slightly fond of was the dress. The other items--including the skin shading and hair--weren't as great as I'd like it to be. Although it's in no way the worst, I think with some more time, it'd advance in quality heaps. Other than that, good job!

Guest judge: Wow I love this dress! When I look at your image it feels like and angel is coming up to me haha, I think it’s because of the highlighting! I’m not sure if your hair ffits to the rest but I like that you choosed a spring inspired runway (the grass). Well done!

(please send me a direct i.imgur... link next time)

Judge1: The graphic is nice, especially the background but it's nothing too special. I'd love to see longer hair next time and a better shading (see tips of judge 4).

Judge 2:  This is so great!! I really like it! Really good background! The clothes shading looks so awsome! And also the skin! The shoes looks a little bit awkward though.  But the whole picture is awesome!

Judge 3: Very, very Good! I love your Dress, the Background is perfect, the Make-up is wonderful  & you take nice Hair.

Judge 4: Even if you were using a designer's reference to make your outfit, I just wasn't feeling the S/S vibe from your graphic. I found the shading also to be really dark, and random shadows in the wrong places. On the bright side, your hair shading is improving tremendously--the highlights and shadows in your hair is right on! I think you have a good chance at winning if you paid more attention to where shadows go.

Guest judge: Manda, I really like your entry! Your Outfit is prêt-a-porter and I adore your background, it fits perfect! You improved in shading and highlighting! Great!

Judge1: Your graphic has a good quality, you only have to improve your hair and hands a lot (try adding more dark shadows on the hands). I like the vibe from the graphic, just the background is too blurry. But what I don't see in this task are the Spring/Summer trends 2013. Monochrome? No. Sorbet colours? No. Skater Skirts? No. (could be continued)... The second time in a row, you didn't completely follow the task! not so good... but the graphic is lovely nevertheless.

Judge 2: wow, this one has the wow factor because of the clothes! the clothes are really nice! But the hands look really awkward and also the hair! But really good clothes!!

Judge 3: Wow your Doll look amazing in that Dress! It´s not my taste but you look perfect with it

Judge 4:  I'm sorry, but I don't see much of S/S other than the small detailing on the shirt. Perhaps you were trying to incorporate a different culture into your graphic, but in the end, that wasn't the ultimate goal. I think you need to pay more attention to the task at hand. Other than that, I think your shading is well done, especially in the outfit. The hands could use some work, as well as the hair, but other than that, I think you did well. I think that you didn't pay attention to the task, it may put you in risk of elimination. Good luck, though!

Guest judge: Wow! I really like your entry. The indian style was a good idea. The shading looks pretty good and the pose of your doll is oustanding, like you’re shaking your skirt and want to turn back to the beginning of the runway haha. The impression of your face fits perfect.


Judge1: Your entry is missing the wow-effect. Neither the graphic quality nor the outfit is extraordinary. You definitely have to improve in clothes, hair and knee shading. I'm sorry to say but I have the feeling as if this wasn't enough.

Judge 2:  I'm sorry but this one is one of the worst entry's :/ You haven't shown any improvment since your other entry's. And the other contestants have improved. You really need to work on your graphic skills.

Judge 3: I think the same like Judge 2.

Judge 4:  I'm sorry, but I'm not a huge fan of this. It was really quite blurry, and quite choppy in some areas. The hair could use work, but quite frankly, its my favorite part of the outfit. I also don't see much resemblance to S/S trends. I think you just need to work on your graphics, and you'll slowly see improvements! I think you've got great potential along with all the other contestants!

Guest judge: I comparision to the other entrys is this one not the best. I think your background is okay but I think you could have worked more at the skin shading use layers!! The Outfit for me is not really prêt-a-porter, I’m sorry.

Top 2 (from best to second best):
Lindsey: claragoosmann19, Cheekycazbo1
Raul: claragoosmann19, MandaMichalka
Joao: MandaMichalka, mangunmeetan
Moi (Cathérine): claragoosmann19, mangunmeetan
dubistdie: mangunmeetan, MandaMichalka

Bottom 3 (from "best" to worst):
Lindsey: mangunmeetan(just because she didn't follow the task), smiling.jojoo, Rei1981
Raul: smiling.jojoo, Cheekycazbo1, Rei1981
Joao: claragoosmann19, Rei1981 (couldn't decide for 3)
Cathérine: Cheekycazbo1, ashley_doggett, Rei1981
dubistdie: smiling.jojoo, ashley_doggett, Rei1981

I planned to eliminate two contestants but the general quality is too good to eliminate 2 of you in one round :3
That's why only one person will be leaving us.
Reina, I'm sorry, but this time, it just wasn't enough. But I'm sure that you will continue modeling and wish you the best for your magazine! Thanks for participating!

The winner of the week will be announced together with the next task.
Stay tuned!

xoxo Cathy

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Reina said...

I´m so sad. However, thanks for let me be part of CMA, I will keep modeling and improving my graphic skills. Thanks to the judges for their opinions, they´ll help me to improve.
Good luck to all the girls.