Friday, 15 February 2013

Rumour has it..

... and it says that we might have a new contestant. True or not, what do you think? Any ideas who this might be?


claragoosmann19 said...

True :D And it will be a great person ^^

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but that is not fair.
And I saw the task, few minutes ago from the "new" face.
She is very good, but that's not fair.

xXxDeliaxXx said...

I´m so happy that she is a Part of your Competition I think she will do a very good job here :)

Here are some Tips :D

* she won RNTM

* she is an amzing graphic designer

* she is a wonderful person

I hope you have a good time with us & good luck :) ♥

xoxo Raul ♥

Jovana8 said...

Manda *-* as known as MandaMichalka :3

Manda said...

I am very happy to be part of CMA! :)
Thank you Catherine!

Anonymous said...


Manda said...

tbh there is nothing unfair about it, because someone didn't send in her entry and so I got her place and did the task.

Anonymous said...

Unfair, because she failed to meet the deadline.

Jovana8 said...

Why do you say your Opinion as Anonymous?
And,sorry, but we had 1 week to finish the task.And i believe, that someone told her about the first task.So i think, that it is more than fair to let Manda participate.