Monday, 25 February 2013

Seems like we're getting less

Sadly another contestant is leaving us. Thanks for participating, ...singstar..., it's been a pleasure to see your work. I hope this was the last piece of sad news so far. If you have any, really any concerns or problems with this competition, please message me before you decide to leave (this has got nothing to do with the 2 ones that have already left) so that we can maybe find a solution together. Thanks for reading :)

xoxo Cathérine

P.S.: You'l have some more time to do the task since I'm ill and not able to judge at the moment. If you like, improve your task aswell.


Venus said...

It is a shame that people leave in the middle of contest, but I am sure they have right reasons. I suggest you let someone else joins a comp by jumping in the middle of rounds, but they cannot win a full prize, it can be lowered, to be fair to other contestants who started from the beginning.

Cathérine Cerise said...

@Venus: I thought about that possibility aswell but I decided against it. Some already protested when manda entered - before the end of round 1. If someone would enter now, I could even understand the protest.

xoxo Cathérine

Venus said...

Oh, I see now.. My bad.. Good luck with other contestants :)

Reina said...

So sad that someone else is leaving. I hope...singstar... is ok. Good luck =)