Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Time for you..

.. to pose in front of the camera! Posing is one of the most important things model shall be able to do. 

Your task is to do either a scenery or a graphic (depending on your graphic skills level, a stunning graphic will help you to be  under the top X of this task but a good scenery is far better than a horrible graphic) with a pose that is not the standard Stardoll pose. The topic of your scenery/graphic shall be: 
"Pure Elegance - even without a long dress"

Create us an elegant look that shows your feminine side! BUT don't use a long dress, we want to see your sexy legs! ^.~  Find the right balance between sexy, feminine and sophisticated. The dress you use must be from Stardoll! It can be put together from different pieces though. If you still need some inspiration, here it is:
from http://media2.onsugar.com
from http://fashionguru2u.files.wordpress.com

Good luck! The deadline is Monday, the 24th at 17:00 GMT.

xoxo Cathérine

P.S.: You will need graphic skills in the future tasks. if you don't know yet how to work with GIMP, I'll advise you 3 things: Download, watch tutorials and PRACTISE!


Anonymous said...

Question: We have to use an Stardoll dress or we have to create it? :3

EllieCase (Joao) said...

Great task, good luck for all the contestants! :)

Emma Hunt said...

Yeah I have the same do we really need a stardoll dress cant we improvise if you are making it by graphics ?? (please say yes ^.^ )

Cathérine Cerise said...

@Manda&Hilmy: No, sorry. this task, the dress has to be taken from stardoll. But you're allowed to edit the hair and the pose with a graphic program (like Paint lol).

xoxo Cathérine

Reina said...

I made the task, I hope you like it. I edit the graphic but use a dress from Stardoll.

Aeon_Flux_96 said...

I really love this task! Now I have to started the graphic again cuz I was thinking in use the same reina's dress! Jeez! u_u

Emma Hunt said...

Okay I tried my best on this task spent a good 4 Hours on this trying to perfect it and finally I have so yeah


Manda said...
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Aeon_Flux_96 said...

Here's my task! Hope you like it! :')

SuperMiaStar said...
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SuperMiaStar said...

Very good taskes(-:
I like it(;

SuperMiaStar said...

Here's my entry:
Hope you like it(:

Jovana8 said...

I hope you like it, i gave my best :)

Manda said...
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Manda said...

I wanted to create something unique, so I had the idea to do a VOGUE Fashion Editorial Spring 2013.
"Feel free, Feel sexy... Show Legs!"

Here is my task:


I hope you like it! :)

Manda said...


Idk, why the link doesn't show up anymore.
Here anyways a new link:


Mangunmeetan said...

Thankyou for giving me another chance. I will try my best to show you better.


Ashley_Doggett said...



Carrie.Rose said...

Heres my entry :)

Good luck everyone xx

Lizzy1414 said...

Here's my entry:
(sorry about the almost inappropriate link!)

This is the first graphic I have ever made- hope you like it. x

Anonymous said...

So I've done this graphic, it's like my first ever so don't expect much *-* (Everything I did myself though I've used the hairstyle from another graphic designer with her permission i hope it's ok)

Anyway here's the masterpiece: http://imgur.com/2rVvjju

smiling.jojoo said...

So here is my task& I really hope you like it! (:


Mangunmeetan said...

Monday's 25th btw o.o

claragoosmann19 said...

I finished. I know it's not the best graphic, but I think my scenery skills are even worse. ^^


Lizzy1414 said...

New link:


Anonymous said...