Monday, 18 February 2013

The first try..

... is over. And it's not yet the time to give second chances! ^.~ We received 19 wonderful entries from 20 contestants. Sadly, enrika777 didn't send in her entry. That's why Manda (MandaMichalka) took her place. I understand your reaction saying "OMG, that's unfair" but basically, there are as much contestants as there have been before. I just didn't want anyone to pass task 1 just because someone else did nothing. But form now on, no new contestants will join us ^.~

Let's take a look at our first impressions. The text underneath your entry are the comments of the judges. If a judge totally agreed with the others, there are only 3 comments, otherwise there are 4. The little bold numbers after each entry tell you how many of the judges answered "yes", "maybe" or "no" to the question, whether that contestant shall stay. 1/0/3 means that you received one yes, no maybe and 3 no's for example.

the first outfit was judged

"Your face really makes you stand out! The outfit is very extravagant aswell. Your look might not please everyone, but it is definitely a signature look, well done!"
"As your  face and your style are really extravagant you stand out a lot, so it might be a good signature look!"
"Sometimes I think it’s a little bit to much more is not always more !"
"I don’t like you face that much. Too many stardesign items! Natural face is best! But I quite like your outfit! I would say.. very unique!" 4/0/0

"Your face and your outfit are nice. The only thing that's missing is the "wow-effect",  in my opinion. But your doll looks beautiful nevertheless."
"Your face and your style are nice but you only need that “wow factor” that makes you stand out from others,  so you can be unique, anyway I love the outfit, it’s simple and casual!"
"But I don´t like your bangs I think it´s to wide. Your Outfit is ok but not something I say WOW"
"I like your outfit! Simple but great! Your face, however, needs something to make it have that Omff!"


"Beautiful makeup! It's neither boring nor too much, very well done!Your outfit is fierce aswell."
"You have a nice outfit, not too extravagant so it’s nice. Nice make up, and I love the eyes"
"I like your face a lot! It goes perfectly with your outfit! I’m very pleased with this piece!"

 "I like your face, but I don't like your outfit. The clothes just don't seem to fit together...."
"I’m not sure about this outfit, the bag doesn’t fit in, and I’m sure you could do better! Anyway I love your face"
" Face is so beautiful but your Outfit does not fit …"
"Looks good! I love that vest of yours! Such a very beautiful face too! Not quite sure about everything else though…"

"Your look reminds me of summer. ^-^ Your face and outfit go together very well, the only thing I dislike is the blush, another colour would have been better."
"Oh! Such a sweet style! I love it and makes you stand out from others, like being the sweet girl, even though I don’t know if it’s this your signature look, that is what the picture passed me.  I love the colors of the outfit, the only thing I didn’t like too much was the orange blush."
"I agree and your Doll is soooo cute :D"
"WOW! I love this sweet and soft look! Absolutely amazing! Yellow and white are a match made in heaven!" 4/0/0

"Your face really looks fierce and interesting. But I'm not sure of your outfit - it makes you look rather childish. Hope you do better next task!"
"I’m not sure about your outfit, it makes your signature look be a little bit child, even though it may not be. Anyway I really like your eyes, they are fierce!"
"I don´t like your Outfit & Hair you look childish not like a Model"
"Your hair! Not my favourite. You could have gone for a soft silk long hair, but I guess it’s okay. However, I like your outfit a lot! But not really model material. Sorry."

"Really strong entry! Your face is special and your outfit simple but chic. I'd just have chosen other shoes, ballerinas are not so model-like."
"I agree and I think black stillettos look better ;)"

"I’m not so sure about the face. It is also pretty as it may also look a little bit weird. Anyway good outfit, simple, I would just change the shoes."

"Sorry, I don’t like this look at all.  The hair is great. Maybe could have added some accessories to make it look better."

"Your first part of the task was done well, you created a nice face (although another colour of the eyebrows would fit better). But the other half of the task... your outfit is horrible. I've seen you create so much better outfits. Please improve!"
"I really like your outfit! And I love your face! This hair fits you better than your old one. I only think you should change the color of your eyebrows for the color of the hair. Good entry!"
"Your Outfit is awful & I don´t like your Hair but your Make up is nice"

"I think you could have added more things to the face.. But I like the outfit. So I command you for that. But next time ;)"

"Your outfit is chic, somehow reminds me of Paris. Your face is nice aswell, I'd have chosen another lipstick though. But please improve your graphic skills, your doll is cut out quite badly."

"I love your outfit, and you have a great face, you have a good make up! The only thing I didn’t like about the entry is that you didn’t cut very well your doll and you made the picture shorter and larger."

"I like it. Very chic! Looks like a model going out for her daily rounds! The face is okay.. Natural is best! I hate fake things.."

"Your entry was one of the worst, sorry. Your outfit makes your doll look thick and small although she's thin and tall. I'm not a big fan of the hairstyle either but your makeup is ok overall."

"I’m not sure about your changes, I think your old aspect was way better, It’s a nice outfit. The face looks a little bit weird, I don’t know if it’s the eyes or the mouth. But the make up is good."

"Wow! I love the hair! Very beautiful! But looks still a bit fake. I love your eyes… Beautiful! Your outfit, doesn’t please me though, sorry."

"Sophisticated look! You have an outstanding face and you created a nice outfit. The only thing I don't like completely is the belt but nonetheless an amazing entry!"

"You did amazing Manda, great changes, and you made a sophisticated outfit, you aso have a great face"

"I agree & I think everything is perfect I like the belt"

"OMG Manda! I love your hair! Although it is fake, it looks real! And your outfit goes superbly well with your makeup."

"I really love your entry! It's outstanding and it represents your unique style. Very well done!"

"I love your entry, you stand out from the others, and your face is amazing to graphics, I love the fact that you added a gap teeth, that’s so high fashion! And also great outfit, you definitely made your signature style!"
"I agree very well done (:" "I love yours too Kyo! Very.. VERY stylish! And I love your makeup! Your teeth are beautiful!"


"I like your face because of its soft features. But while the face is nice-looking, the outfit isn't. Too much fur, too big clothes and definitely too much in general :/"
"I love your face, but this hair doesn’t suit with you! I remember you with your short blonde hair, and you looked stunning with that hair, but with this one, not so much! The outfit is ok, but too much fur."
"I love your face, but this hair doesn’t suit with you! I remember you with your short blonde hair, and you looked stunning with that hair, but with this one, not so much! The outfit is ok, but too much fur."

"your Face is very nice but the Outfit is a little bit to much"

"Sorry… I do not like it. You hair does not go well with your outfit. Your hair is colourful! Your outfit.. dull!"

"Your entry is ok but not outstanding. Both the face and the outfit are rather simple. I'd definitely choose another nose that doesn't look that 2D. Overall good."
"I think the face and the outfit, it’s ok, really simple! Remember you have to stand out from others!"
"Yes but it´s not special I can´t find a Wow effect and I don´t like your Make up its to boring"

"I cannot see your outfit. Therefore I cannot judge. Make sure your link is visible for everyone to see!"

"Your outfit is really beautiful, especially the colour scheme. The face is ok, although I would have prefered less mascara and more lipstick."

"Really good outfit, nice colours, nice hair. I just think you shouldn’t do that with the lipstick and add it all."
"I agree but I don´t like the Jkt and the Bag so much to the Outfit. Idk but I don´t like the combination of this Items but the rest is good (:"

"I love it! Very sophisticated! Beautiful face, clothes.. everything!"


"Your face is kept simple which i personally like but with eyeshadow it would look even better. In my opinion, your outfit neither fits your face nor would a real model wear it."
"I like your face, but with another make up it would look better. I’m not so sure about the outfit, and that shoes doesn’t fit there!"
"Your Outfit is ok but your Outfit is horrible nothing fit together"
"Not a big fan. I don’t see model material at all. But I love your face.. soo" 0/2/2

"Your face really makes you stand out, well done. For me the outfit would be to colourful but it suits your doll." "I love your face, and your hairstyle, its unique! And makes you stand out! Your outfit is fine and suits really well on you, and you definitely made your signature look!"

"Maybe I think your face is beautiful but I don´t like your Outfit it´s to much and to colorful"

"I love your face! It’s so elegant and beautiful! But your outfit doesn’t please my eye. Its good but I’m not sure they go together.."


"Your outfit is elegant and nice, I love the blazer. Your face is overall nice but I think thinner lips would fit better because you already have big eyes. just try it out ^.~"

"You shouldn’t match big eyes with big lips, so please have only big lips or only big eyes and your face will be great! Anyway I love the outfit, very elegant!" "love your Face & Outfit I only think the Dress is not good choose an other one and your Outfit is perfect (:"

"I like it a lot actually! Its very nice, clean and sophisticated! Very well done on the face too!" 4/0/0

"Sorry to say, but your entry was the weakest. Please get rid of your fake lashes, your coloured hair parts and try to match the colours of your outfit."

"Even though I like that you wanted to make your signature look representing your country, Portugal, wich you’re proud of, I don’t think a model would use three colors on the hair. I like your face, I just think you should take off the fake lashes, they’re not in style anymore. Your outfit looks really young." "I don´t like the Outfit and Face it´s not special and I think it´s not nice" "I don’t like it.. Your outfit does not match.. Its not blending at all. But on the bright side.. I like your hair!" 0/1/3


"Both your outfit and your face are ok but nothing special. I've seen hundreds of outfits and faces like these on Stardoll. You're definitely not ugly, but I wouldn't remember your doll if I looked through many model applications." "I like your outfit, it is nice, but I think your face doesn’t stand out, it’s really simple and common, lots of dolls have faces like that." "I don’t like either. A bit to simple for my liking.. Your jacket and skirt though is nice."  0/3/1

Bottom 5

  • katherinegomezx
  • mangunmeetan
  • Miranda9879
  • grilliness
  • eugenia.g.s
katherinegomezx, Miranda9879 and grilliness, we're sorry to say but you three had the worst critique. Thanks for participating in CMA and good luck for the future of your model career! mangunmeetan and eugenia.g.s, one of you will be able to continue their year at the Academy. We believe that Mangun is able to improve more than eugenia. Congrats, mangun, you're in the next round. Eugenia, thanks for participating and just the best for your modeling career.

Top 7
  • ashley_doggett
  • claragoosmann19
  • Aeon_Flux_96
  • MandaMichalka
  • ChuFu
  • ...singstar...
  • Rei1981
Congrats, girls! You all have a 4/0/0 rating!

What do you think of this decision? Any tips how to improve the result-posts? excited for the next task?
by the way, check out the contestants page to see who's still in.

xoxo Cathérine and greetings from Raul, Emma and Joao


Lizzy1414 said...

I can understand my critique. I personally like it but I am kinda strange :)

I loved everyones entries! I also didn't realize that so many people would be eliminated. Will that be happening each time?

Aeon_Flux_96 said...

OH FOR MY SWEET KLAINE! Wow Im on the top 7! Im so happy! I can't wait for the next task! :'D

Cathérine Cerise said...

@Lizzy1414: In the next two rounds, we will get down to the top 10 which means that 2-4 (probably 3) people are eliminated each task. After that, maximum 2 people will be eliminated.

xoxo cathy

Anonymous said...

not bad but ashley should have had a no AND a maybe (face is awful), cooldeer123's outfit was totally not matching, and mangun should have been eliminated instead of eugenia.

Reina said...

Thanks, is nice to be in the top 7 =)
Rei =)

Emma Hunt said...

OMG thank you sorry But when I did the task I thought my outfit represented me but any how thank you for your criticism I will take everything on board and do better for the next task Thank You for putting me Through

claragoosmann19 said...

I'm so glad, that I'm under the top 7. (: I'm so exited for the next tasks

LG Clara.

AnneHattaway said...

Congratulations girls! I enjoyed checking your etrys and the judges comments! Willing to see more :)