Friday, 22 February 2013

Some stay, some leave

I'm sorry to tell you that one contestant has left. I'm sad to see her go but she has a reason for that which she wants to keep private, so please don't ask her to tell it. Thank you, NeonTiara., for participating and all the best for your future modeling career. :)

xoxo Cathérine


Emma Hunt said...

aww soo sad wish her the best for her future modeling career :)

Cool.Glimmer said...

That's sad! Wishing her best of luck!

SuperMiaStar said...

Yes,I wish you the best too.
It was great that you be a part of cma(;

Reina said...

I hope everythig is ok with her and her life and I wish her the best.

Lizzy1414 said...

Dang it. I liked her.