Friday, 8 February 2013

Task #1: Create your signature look

The time has come for the first task! We don't know every single contestant yet, so it's time for you, dear contestants, to present us who you are!

Task #1a
Take a few minutes and reflect about yourself, especially about your doll. What makes your doll significant? What makes it special? How do you want your doll to look the next 6 months or longer? How do you want your doll to be remembered for? If you like, note some of these aspects.
And then, it's time to act. Create your signature look! If you aren't happy with your current facial features, change them. Try to stand out of the crowd, try to avoid using the eyes, nose and mouth every third doll around Dollywood has. And last but not least, ignore all those pieces of advice I gave you above and just try to be yourself anyhow.

Make a screenshot of your doll in the beauty parlour with makeup and hair (starDesign Hair can be used aswell), save it and upload it to tinypic, imgur or your own blog. Please write down the direct link to the picture as a comment.  Be sure to give your best, its face is a doll's best friend concerning modeling.

Task #1b
Style is important. In case you didn't know, this is a fashion competition :D Create an outfit with the facial features from #1a that represents you. Short task, much room for creativity ^.~

The task is due to February the 15th, 19:00 GMT (check out which time that is for your country). Please don't create graphics for this first task because we want to judge only your sense of style. But no worries, you'll be able to do graphics sooner than you think! 

Give your best, dollies! We are awaiting wonderful looks and creative outfits that show your style! Good luck and be punctual! What do you think of the task?

xoxo Cathérine

P.S.: This are two outfits I created that could be one's signature look. But keep in mind: If you're not a ballerina, the first one's probably not for you. These are just examples I've come up with, this is not somethign you shall recreate!


SuperMiaStar said...

This is a good first task.
I hope, I can make something wonderful...for you.
I'm posting the task tomorrow(;

EllieCase (Joao) said...

Good task! Can't wait to see the signatures of every single contestant!

Advice: The signature of a doll it's very important for a model because that's what you'll be remember for, if it's something really good and different from the others, people will always remember that about you! But the most important advice is: Be Yourself!

XO, EllieCase (judge)

Emma Hunt said...

Heyy I have done my entry so here it is

Aeon_Flux_96 said...

Im done! Here's:

eugenia.g.s said...

Task #1a :

Task #1b :

LG eugenia.g.s ;)

Daniiella said...

I'm done ;b

Daniiella said...

I forgot to say that the colors I used on the hair are the colors of the flag of my country, Portugal ;b

Reina said...

Wonderful task =)

task 1a:

task 1b:


Anonymous said...

My Entry:

Lizzy1414 said...

My look is something I pair together all the time. I love red lips and chunky clothes!

Mila Wu said...

Here you go:
Good luck to all contestants!

Alessandra Gomez said...

Good Luck girls!

Alessandra Gomez said...


SuperMiaStar said...

But this link it's better:

Okay, I hope you like it^^

Ashley_Doggett said...

Task 1A ->

Task 1B ->

Thank you! :)

smiling.jojoo said...

finished my task! (:

Jovana8 said...

I hope, it's okay :)

Mangunmeetan said...


simple . austere . glamorous .

Carrie.Rose said...

Hello, here is my entry (Cheekycazbo1)

Good luck to everyone else!

NeonTiara. said...

Here is my entry:
(Tasks 1a and 1b can be found at this link)

My stardoll username is NeonTiara. (with the full-stop)

SuperMiaStar said...

Wow, this contributions are very nice(: Good luck everyone^-^

miranda9879 said...
Thanks and Good luck! -Miranda9879

Cool.Glimmer said...

Though I'm not a part of this competition, I wish all of you best of luck!

claragoosmann19 said... (both tasks)

LG Clara

Anonymous said...

here it's :
good luck everyone !

Manda said...

Hello guys!
I'm the new contestant at CMA! :)
Big thanks to Cathérine for giving me this opportunity!

Here is my 1st task, hope you like it:

Twinkle, Twinkle
Manda :)